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Beat Oven is the fun loop-based music tool for your iPhone or iPod Touch that lets you mix beats, bass and synth sounds like a pro. You can control tempo, key, and volume, add sound effects, and filter your music interactively with the filter pad. When you've got the perfect sound, save your settings or make a recording that you can share with your friends.

Beat Oven comes ready to use with with professionally-produced loops and sound effects - over 100 different sounds in our full version. Each is timed and matched perfectly to the others.

Beat Oven requires no musical skill or experience. Anyone can make great sounding music in no time!


  • Over 75 beat, bass and synth loops
  • Over 25 sound effects
  • Adjustable tempo from 60 to 120 beats per minute
  • Pitch shifting up to one full octave
  • Independent volume levels for each loop
  • Beat, measure and volume indicators
  • Interactive cutoff and resonance filtering
  • Save up to ten presets
  • Unlimited recording
  • Share recordings with friends
  • Compatible with all models of iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (Requires OS 3.0 or later)

Music Samples

Demo I
This track demonstrates all the features of Beat Oven including loops, mixing, tempo and pitch changes, filtering, and sound effects.

Demo II
This is a more musical track that keeps the same tempo and pitch throughout.

Demo III
This track synchronizes vocal pads with the music.

About the Developers

Dan Goldstein was part of the team that created Sony's award-winning Acid, Vegas and Sound Forge applications for professional musicians. Today, he is Senior VP of Engineering at Acoustica, Inc. and the lead developer of Acoustica's Mixcraft and Beatcraft. Dan is also a musician, and made all the Beat Oven loops in his studio using an array of modern and classic instruments.

Frank LaRosa was the driving force behind Searchlight, one of the leading telecommunications servers of the 1990s. He worked for game giants Westwood Studios and Electronic Arts before becoming a professional iPhone developer in 2009. Frank also produced the sound effects and vocals for Beat Oven.

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© Copyright 2010 by Frank LaRosa and Dan Goldstein. Visit the Beat Oven News Page for the latest news.