Tippy and the Ice Cream Man

Posted on 2006-10-25 15:23:05

Tippy marooned afloat by a moat met the Ice Cream Man selling his wares. "Oh no no no no," said Tippity-O, "don't dare come near me with your cinnamon sticks and your lemon-tart licks and your strawberry slicks. Stay away," Tippy screamed, "you greeney green meany ice-cream man genie."

But the big whitey man in the whitey white suit laughed a whitey-bright laugh and said "Oh Tippy nippy, my ice cream but gleams in your dream dreamy dreams, so wish me away if you will." And Tippy amazed by the icing and glaze could not turn his gaze from the glittering maze filled with every conceivable passion. "With colors and fruities, and wilds and tutties," the Ice Cream Man flutied, "in oceans of lights and tangy delights."

Tippy grew hungry on a log by a bog in the east of the west of a wild twisty lie in the depths of his mind. "Oh Ice Cream Man yonder, come let me wander, through sugar directions and chocolate confections, to lie in the sky with a pie in my eye and a buttery lace on my face."

"Oh no," laughed the Ice Cream Man, planning his ice-cream plans, "there'll be not a thing, till my ice-cream bells ring." As the sun summer sweltered and frosty treats melted the Ice Cream Man weltered, "only my bell tells when thee will be free to ravage these creamy delights." And Tippy drooled foolishly, crazed and compelled toward those silvery bells that a ringy might jing those ding-a-ling dells for some Ice Cream Man sells.

And at last came a ring came a singy-ding thing as the Ice Cream Man whiled in the girst of a smile, "Oh Tippy tip dippy, come bathe in my sweets and my blueberry eats and my candy stripes meet." And Tippy replied, "Oh Ice Cream Man Dan," as he skidded and ran toward the Ice Cream Man stand, "what have you for Tippy today? Vanilla suprise, in a frosty white guise, or banana boats floating away?"

"Oh no, Tippy dear," the Ice Cream Man sneered, "I've only the finest for you. Come chocolatey ices in deep dish devices and sun maidens all in a row."

And Tippy's breath rose as the Ice Cream Man grows on a sugary cone groaned a low melty groan and floated forever away.

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