Scenes from an Intellectual Restaurant

Posted on 2006-10-26 00:54:24

Dear Friend,

I am happy to report that circumstances in recent days have been, if not to my advantage, at least not detrimental. I am gainfully employed and the center of my daily labor activity resides in a pleasant location. Add to this my recent bonding to a new conjugal partner and it becomes apparent that my entire life appears renewed to me. As well, my relatives have not suffered any serious hardships in recent months.

Some time ago, I ceased communicating with you. Since then I have noticed a discernible decrease in your body weight, which reflects advantageously in your overall appearance; indeed, I would not have summized that it were possible for you to look as good as you do given the amount of time that has passed.

I am wondering now whether you recall the time we spent together loitering in that central gathering place known as the "Village Green". Clad in the boots of a train conductor, a jacket made of cowhide and somewhat undersized denim leg coverings, we often deposited ten cents into a record-playing device in order to hear a musical selection describing the activities in a southern US city. We drank refrigerated malt beverages under the illumination of high intensity tungsten lamps -- yes, I remember with great pleasure those romance filled nights when we were both under 20 years of age.

Brenda and Edward were the most well-known couple then, and indeed were elevated to a ceremonial position of royalty during our annual high school social gathering. I recall them driving a convertible automobile with the roof in a retracted position and the audio entertainment device activated. No couple put forth a more refined appearance, or generated more interest while visiting the local roadside eating establishment. Ironically, you and I were unaware at that time that we would ever desire to experience larger joys, challenges or triumphs than what we saw in said couple; we imagined that Brenda and Edward would always posses the skills necessary to propagate their existence.

Brenda and Edward were still engaged in a monogamous sexual relationship during the summer of the sixth year of the eight decade of the twentieth century; it was at this time that they made a decision to enter into the sacrament of marriage during the closing days of July. Most of us regarded them as somewhat immature, if not actually mentally deranged; Brenda was not thought to possess the qualities necessary to become a productive worker, and Edward lacked the income required to sustain such a lifestyle. Still, we did not fail to impart our best wishes upon the couple as they departed from our presence.

Soon after, they leased a modular living unit, which they furnished with a stylistic thick fabric floor covering, several examples of visual artwork obtained at a national department store, and a large aquatic sleeping device (purchased with funds accrued from several years' savings). However, after reaching a point where expenses exceeded their income, they began to bicker and fight; they had not anticipated the hardship nor the salinous eye secretions it brought about. (Oddly, we attributed this situation to the effects of a modern musical style named in the 1950's by Cleveland disc jockey Alan Freed).

Brenda and Edward subsisted for some time in an elegant lifestyle, but their relationship was forthwith terminated in the usual way. They filed for legal separation without ceremony and parted, agreeing to maintain a platonic friendship. Then they who were once regal returned to that central gathering place, only to find that the romance had vanished and their effort was in vain.

Brenda and Edward had become thoroughly discouraged during those summer months, reaching at once the highest emotional plateaus and lowest valleys that they would likely experience in the entire course of their days on earth. Unable to return to their old way of life, they attempted to reassemble the fragments of their existence and piece together a new lifestyle. We knew that despite their situation, Brenda and Edward would somehow fashion a means of survival.

This is all the knowledge I have on this subject at the present time.

If you would like to discuss this at length, I will rendezvous with you at the time of your choosing in an eating establishment that specializes in the ethnic food of a southern European country, where I will allow you to choose the type of fermented fruit beverage we drink based upon your emotional state.

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