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Posted on 2006-10-25 23:55:28

The sysop of the Strawberry fields rises and says to the users of his board:
"It's Allright".
The users are understandably distressed at the brevity of it all, but soon settle down and begin to make up their own theories about the strange sub. "I think it must be deep", said little beau Pete. But still others were not amused. "Poor unhappy Frank", they mubled. "Whatever can we do to make him stop all this?"

Johnny was a user and his parents knew it. Every day he would sit and talk to the magic box while mum and dad smoked dope and said, "Johnny why can't you be like other kids ?" But he wasn't and to prove it he renamed himself to Edward much to his parents dismay, causing them to trash his room. And Johnny-turned-Edward took away their posting privledges for a whole week. "Its the only way we have of reching you sun", said his father in fits. Eddie enjoyed writing these programs the way other people rioted and grew long hair, and eventually he deleted his parents alltogether to make room for a new sub board about kites.

Bobry had many files some of which were kept secretly in a sock unbeknownst to his mather who had chrisiand him against such things. Breen, who had a large pill, courted Bobry with a hammer screaming, "megaglocks must be free!". And he took it in stride, for it did not he new pretrain to the many important tasks at foot. One day he was clawning out his bobby slocks when several of the files, which were by now old and stinky, crawled over and threw themselves into the dusk drives, and many hackers acrost the notion soon knew of his secrety aflairs with miss Breen, for it was a beebs. This proved much an embarassment on his part and led rabily to his dismemberment. "Angst philby", he was heard to have said. If there is a lesson toby learned by all of this I cannot be sure wether it is to clean your socks or not to have been devolved in the first place.

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