Edward and Ben

Posted on 2006-10-27 23:48:20

On Monday August the Thirteenth edward received a letter from his mother back home, for edward was grown now and lived in the city. Edward's mother was amused (or so it said) because of Ben, who was edward's best friend though all of childhood and was getting married that very saturday, to everyone's delight.

This came as much to the suprise of edward, who felt as if something was wrong though he couldn't quite put it on his finger. It bothered edward who always fussed over such things for three hours and twenty-six minutes after which time he went on potting his meats and completely forgot all about it.

However some day later (as you might have expect) edward was while greasing his mailman suddenly remembered why! it seemed so strange in the beginning. And he found through some old papers of his, (when he had Ben his best friend) and there it was in writing: the two (of them) would be as blood brothers and fornever get married, punishable only by death, etc; in either words he had to Kill Ben.  What do you know thought edward and was quick to dismiss it as something of a prank although his heart seemed to say something else.

Four days edward forgot the strange nonsense but it haunted him just the same, edward who was the fastidious type and couldn't seem to abhore such a thing. And so on Saturday after taking his poodle to the dry cleaners edward had decided, he boardered the bus back home and was on his way.

"Edward" exclaimed Ben by mistake as he burst in mindless at the very church, "edward whom I haven't seen in many years" for he had grown ugly like some kind of lawyer and hardly recognised any more. "Why Ben" was all edward stooped to say before blowing out his ben brains all over the Holy Altered.

They locked edward up of course, which was only fitting because he realized later it was all his fault and he should have waited till they kissed the bride before he had done it.

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