Frank has a lot of disk

Posted on 2006-10-31 22:00:24

Msg 8 From ALADDINSANE on Mon 06-22-87

Subj: more buttinski...

I can vouch that Frank has a lot of disk. I'm not sure about 432. I think he meant sides. To give you an idea of how sick this dude is, he bought one of those 100 floppies deals, and he has recently wiped them out. We are going halfsies on a new order. BTW, you guys are pikers. I knew a Commode Door user up in Albany with 450+ FILLED floppies ( and I believe most of them were double sided with info ). But then again, he didn't seem much of a hacker, used a tiny portion of his collection, and didn't even know when some programs didn't work ( I did, I got stuck with them ).

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