My Turbo Pascal

Posted on 2006-10-19 21:39:57

One twisted evening I was feeling some exhausted and fell to bed early with the disk drive open, quite by mistake. When I awoke the next morning to find my Turbo Pascal had gotten out and was playing lawn games on the bedspread before my very eyes.

"Oh" I said for I was quite surprised. "Good Morning" said my Turbo Pascal, "would you care to join me for wheat bran and jelly?". I said of course I would, because what was so unusual about that. And it was about halfway through that I looked as if to say, "Pass the NutraSweet" when something went off inside my head and realized I was eating breakfast with an abstract programming language! "Ah," I screamed and so did my Pascal, who must have thought at just the same thing (though exactly what I would be to my Pascal I couldn't imagine). After ten minutes of this and running around checking all the sugar cubes were still in the freezer, I (we) finally calmed down and decided to deal with the situation.

Just how did you get here, I asked my Pascal who had no idea. But getting back was out of the question and so I seemed to had to live with it. I let my Pascal have the guest room and was quite contented. I went to work and my Pascal did the laundry and took care of the pots. I got in the habit of leaving my Pascal the grocery-money, who did the shopping and a good job of it too.

One day though I got up half besides myself feeling awful. Other than call in sick my Pascal had the idea to take my place, and as it turned out fitted my suit rather well so it was decided. That night it turned out my Pascal had done as fine a job as I, had, if not better and my colleagues didn't even realize it was me. It had worked out so well the fact that I began sending my Pascal to do all the chores, and by that time I realized it was too late for my Pascal had taken over completely.

And that's why I've crawled up inside the disk drives to spend the rest of my days writing meaningless text files.

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