Do You Like Television?

Posted on 2006-11-03 23:47:32

One time when I woke up to notice that the sky had turned orange and all the people were gone, except that they had turned into television sets (mostly static). At this I was not particularly alarmed, for the truth is I never liked the people very much, (and the television sets even less but at least them you can ignore).

When I left my apartment to look for interesting fruits some of the television sets followed me but I didn't seem to care. Once in a while they amused me (television) but for the most part didn't hold me in their interest. Instead I spent most of the time talking with the trees who had a fabulous story to tell and a lot of good jokes too.

One time for kicks I found one of the television sets (amusing) and changed the channel to something else. All of a suddenly the other televisions became quite in amazement for they had (so they said) never changed the channel like that before. For my part I didn't quite know what was the big deal since all the channels had mostly the same show on (golf) but the television sets took it quite seriously! "You must help us all", they said.

In no time in fact they lined up in droves. Once I was annoyed but anyway they brought me a lot of delicious fruits (some I never heard of before) and my friends (the trees) seemed to get quite a laugh out of the whole thing, so on it went. Some times the golfing would turn into something to amuse us all (even the icebergs on Lake Erie) for example the Benny Hill show.

This must have gone on for years but one day about half past a banana I looked up in the sky and noticed where all the people had went! "Oh there you are" I said quite happy to see them after all that. Just then a great noise (bang) right behind me but it was too late, for I was already half on my way up to see them. Also there was a broken television set (smashed) I wonder why I hadn't noticed it before?

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