Alien Cults are closer than you think!

Posted on 2006-11-03 23:42:50

It's incredible, but true. After hearing about this mass suicide in California, I decided to do some research. I was shocked to find that there is a cult just like this Heaven's Gate group right in my neighborhood... and there may be dozens similar organizations throughout the country!

According to the literature I gathered from this organization, which calls itself the "Roman Catholic Church", these people believe that their body" is merely a vessel containing their "soul", which will "rise up into heaven" upon their death. Their leader is an elderly man in Europe who dresses in robes and wears an elaborate, jewelled hat. They seem to worship a god made of three persons, often identified as the "father", the "son", and the "holy spirit". How twisted!

I advise everyone to be on the alert. Very soon, perhaps as soon as next week, this group will stage one of its most elaborate "holy days", called Easter (perhaps in reference to the strange stone figures found on Easter Island, which many believe to be connected with UFOs). According to one of the group's members, whom I secretly interviewed, cult members believe a man named Jesus was killed, and then miraculously "rose from the dead". I know it's hard to understand, but these people actually believe it -- and that makes them dangerous!

During an undercover visit to one of their "churches", I observed neatly dressed cult members (many of whom had similar close-cropped haircuts) sitting and kneeling in concert and chanting prayers of "thanks" to their "heavenly father". At one point, men dressed in black suits went around the room with baskets, into which members eagerly depostied quarters and $5 bills. Toward the end of the ceremony, members lined up to have a  small white wafer deposited in their mouth. Someone told me the wafer contained actual body tissue from their deceased leader, Jesus Christ! although I was unable to obtain a sample of the evil substance, I can only imagine that it must contain some sort of powerful mind-numbing drug designed to keep these people fearful and obedient!

So, my friends, be careful -- be very careful. Cults like the "Roman Catholic Church" are everywhere. I barely escaped with my life. You might not be so lucky!

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