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Posted on 2006-12-04 01:31:08

Here's the latest output from my growing computer music lab, which I hope will someday look like the back cover of a groovy 70's Moog album.

Twinkle, Twinkle - I recorded this using the new Pianoteq modeled piano plugin from France, which I think is just terrific. If you listen carefully you can hear what sounds like the dampers on a piano retracting - but it's all fake, simulated in software.

Lullaby - Here's a new "switched on" version of Lullaby using the Korg Legacy software plugins (MS-20 and Wavestation).

Frank's Theme - Another version of my theme song, played on the Pianoteq tuned to a brighter setting. I think it sounds a bit harpsicordish on the fast parts.

Joy To The Korg - Here's another rad composition using the Korgs.

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