Piano Practice for March

Posted on 2007-03-18 12:41:05

For those of you following my ill-advised career as an amateur pianist, here are my latest practice recordings.

On Top of Old Smokey - Here's another version of this song, this time done with broken chords and some foot pedal action.

Frank's Jig - Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, my newest self-proclaimed musical composition sounds vaguely jig-like. It's a really simple tune, but it sounds cool because I can play it fast.

La Vie En Rose - It took me weeks to learn this Edith Piaf classic, which features all kinds of chords I don't really know, but was able to memorize by constant practice. All to impress a girl.

Frogger - Some variations on the theme from Frogger (the video game).

I'm now using Steinberg's The Grand for all of my virtual piano recordings. I decided after many weeks of testing the bold newcomers (Pianoteq and True Pianos) that they just didn't sound as consistently good as a real sampled piano. Let me know what you think.


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