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1984 to Present:
Worked as an independent computer consultant to individuals and small businesses.  Jobs have included design and development of turnkey applications programs using Pascal and BASIC; system management of Unix-based microcomputers; design of spreadsheets and databases; maintenance and modification of existing software packages; and hardware and software consultation on IBM-PCs.  Worked with the following computers and software:  IBM-PC, XT, AT, and compatibles, Tandy 6000, Apple IIe, TRS-80 Model II,  CompuPro, Eagle II, MS-DOS, Unix, CP/M, Filepro, DBase, Multiplan, Lotus, Wordstar, various compilers and assemblers.

May 1987:
Published article, "Putting a New Face on Basic", in PC Resource magazine, May 1987 issue, pp. 62-66.

1986 to Present:
Developed and released Shareware and Public Domain software for IBM-PC.  Packages include spelling checker, programmable calculator, text processors, games and utilities.  Available from me on request and through software houses and bulletin boards around the country.

1985 to Present:
Designed, programmed, and maintained my own electronic bulletin board (BBS) system, The Searchlight BBS.  I run this system at my own expense as a free public service.  Searchlight BBS is registered with Computer Shopper magazine and appears on page 400 of the June, 1987 issue.

1986 to Present:
Attended StonyBrook University, StonyBrook, NY.  I have completed three semesters' work in the computer science major.  Experience includes Pascal programming on an IBM 3083 mainframe and a VAX minicomputer.  I am an active member of BITNET, a worldwide scholastic computer network.

1983 to 1984:
Attended Boston University, Boston, MA.

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