Liza M. Hoffman

Posted on 2006-10-19 20:52:59

Liza M. Hoffman unleashed her "Gasping Woman" tour on Denmark yesterday and demonstrated once again that she is the most important woman in music today.

Some 15,000 Danes poured into Copenhagen's Royal Theatre to see the rock diva's first show in Europe in over two years. The tour, which will take Hoffman to Austria, Sweden and Switzerland, includes eighteen dates and is described in the official tour program as "a highly stylized tribute to the elegance of woman".

Addressing the crowd in English, French, and German, the Tony award winning singer said that she had chosen Copenhagen as the site of her first "Gasping Woman" show because "it is so special to me". Hoffman visited the city as part of her honeymoon after her short-lived second marriage to West German soccer star Wilhelm Kreutz.

The two-hour long set included many of her early hits, such as "Love Ya Lots and Loads", "I've Got Class", "Delectably Dandy" and "The Lash in a Flash". Also, Hoffman drew from her more recent albums, "Eat Me Bitch", "Portable Punk" and "My, Jamaican Guy". The show ended with a campy version of her "...And a Woman Stood There, Gasping".

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