Madison Art Bike Rally

Madison's Annual Art Bike Rally, 2006.

Wacky Wheeler
Wacky Wheeler
Beads and dolls adorn these pedal powered pieces.
Beady Bicycles
A giant bike made out of wood! It needed a little help getting out of the starting gate.
Wooden Bike
Kids and bikes gather behind the Wacky Wheel.
One Way
Glass Nickel's pizza bike.
Pizza Bike
Mary and Caesar enjoy the rainy saturday.
Johanna's much anticipated Peeps Bike was a real hit.
A bike made out of grass! This thing was totally awesome.
Grass Bike
A delicious alternative to the typical water bottle.
Here's another look at the grass bike.
A bike using bowling balls for wheels!
Bowling Bike
Johanna poses with the Peeps bike after the ride.
Peeps Bike
Everyone's favorite min-pin.
80's cartoon characters, brought to life in bicycle form.
Toy Bike
Here's another shot of the wooden bike.
Madison Art Bikes
The riders were just as flamboyant as their creations.
Bitches Love Me
Alex and Caesar.
Caesar makes a couple of hefty friends.
Big Dog Little Dog
A bike woven out of wicker! It doesn't look very aerodynamic.
Wicker Bike
Laura rides a contraption around the square.

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