Bay Area Images, July 2003

I got a new camera so I figured I should take some pictures.

A view of Belmont, Foster City and the San Mateo bridge, as seen from my humble patio.
Patio View
This fellow is always happy. He lives on my car antenna and follows me everywhere I go.
Smile Ball
The bay area is known for its remarkable weather contrasts. Here we see a sliver of sunny hillside through some dense low clouds.
A view of the Pacific ocean at San Gregorio beach on an overcast day.
This is the Oracle. It sees me when I'm sleeping. It knows when I'm awake.
An overlook in the hills of Belmont. In the distance is downtown San Francisco, about 20 miles away.
Frisco View
Fun with color separation!
A bird on the San Gregorio beach
Get your motor running. Head out on the highway.
Same furniture, different city. This is what happens when you're a ramblin' man, ready to move anywhere at the whim of your employer.
Downtown San Francisco as seen from high atop Twin Peaks, the tallest perch in the city.

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