Cleveland Rocks, 1995-1998

For some reason, I spent a good part of the 90's living in Cleveland. I didn't take many pictures, though.

A few years late, but it was nice of them to notice.
LaRosa Arrives in Cleveland
To my left is the building where I wasted some of my best years writing BBS software. I can't explain the shirt.
This is Tami. She's seen here driving her Dodge Charger.
Tami Driving
Toni and Tabby were my best friends in Cleveland. I call them 'TnT' because they're dynamite!
Toni and Tabby
Testing the new flatbed scanner.
Flat Frank
Me and Zanne on the street outside my building in Cleveland. Boardwatch Magazine used this photo for an article about what BBS software developers drive to work.
with Zanne
My mom sent me this, I guess she missed me.
This was Matthew Mohr's idea. You can tell by the shoes that I didn't know what I was doing.
Flip Party
Milo, my first computer. In 1997 it became the only telnettable TRS-80 on the Internet.
The Little TRS-80 That Could
Dadaist photo of my messy desk. My favorite item is the 1984 Mondale-Ferraro campaign button.
My Desk, circa 1998
Crummy photo of me at a picnic with my fellow 'BBS Sysops' in 1995.
Searchlight Sysops
A young Wendell at the 1998 Hessler Street Fair.
Wendell at Hessler Street Fair
A young Nola at the 1998 Hessler Street Fair.
Nola at Hessler Street Fair
Toni, in the pink shirt, and some friends who's names I've long since forgotten; at a very stylish New Year's Eve party.
Toni And Friends
Diane B. in my car during her legendary visit to Ohio.
Diane Car

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