Devil's Lake

A November hike at Devil's Lake, Baraboo, WI

Hiking along the east bluff, city of Baraboo in the distance.
Overlooking the lake from the bluffs.
Big Rock Pine
Panoramic view.
Bluff Pan1
Panoramic view.
Bluff Pan2
Panoramic view.
Bluff Pan3
Dave and Frank, standing tall. Photo by Mary.
Dave And Frank
Dave and Mary.
Dave Mary
Me climbing up the buff. Photo by Mary.
Frank Ascending
Standing on a formation called Elephant Rock. Photo by Mary.
Frank On Rock
A picture by Mary of me taking the
Frank Takes A Picture
Dave and Mary on the west bluff.
Me perched on a cliff. Photo by Mary.
High Frank
The three of us, shot by some other hikers.
Mary posing by a helpful sign.
Mary and Dave.
Mary Dave
Standing on a cliff preparing to take a picture. Photo by Mary.
View of the picnic area from lake level.
Winter Picnic

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