House On The Rock

A visit to the Spring Green classic with Annette, 2006.

A few of the dozens of nipply angel mannequins that adorn the ceiling of the Carousel room.
Wisconsin Angels
Annette on the new outdoor deck that overlooks the Infinity room.
Infinite Annette
One of the quirky theme music rooms featuring impossible player instruments.
Blue Room
A shot from the world's largest carousel.
The famous Infinity Room that juts unsuspended over the valley.
Edge of Infinity
Annette and I in the Infinity chamber.
Infinity Room Snapshot
Me at the far end of Infinity.
Frank Approaches Infinity
Still another view of Alex Jordan's architectural masterpiece.
Annette the Infinite
A random wall of junk from somewhere in the bowels of the house.
Lots Of Stuff
The new men's room is decorated in a forest theme.
Mens Room
Sirens of the carousel, going around and around in the bright red lights.
The famous mushroom lamp from the main house.
Mushroom Lamp
A couple of nude rotating mannequins in the carousel area.
Naked Ladies
One of the incredible pieces in the Organ Room.
Organ Room Masterpiece
Some part of the Organ Room. It's nearly impossible to properly depict this place with a photograph.
Organ Room Vista
A crazy horned creature from the Carousel.
Nothing like a whale sculpture the size of a gymnasium!

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