Keflavik, Iceland, 2005

A bonus trip to Iceland on my way home from France!

I departed France on IcelandAir, the airline that connects Europe and North America through Iceland. Thanks to a six-hour layover, I was able to explore the small Icelandic town of Keflavik.
Iceland Air
When traveling to Iceland, be sure to leave behind dangerous items like MALNINGU, FLUGELDUM and BLEIKIEFNUM.
I grabbed a bunch of Icelandic money at the airport ATM. I had pretty much no idea what it was worth.
Icelandic Currency
You know you're in Iceland when you live in a brightly colored cube next to a giant anchor.
Blue House
Iceland considers itself part of Europe. To that end, they make widespread use of the traffic circle.
Traffic Circle
Various delicacies on sale at the local Ungo.
I strolled around town feeling strangely safe. Perhaps it was due to this battleship anchored right offshore.
Another brightly colored building.
Eat this and you're a fat pig?
Thankfully, English is the widespread second language of Iceland, allowing me to communicate easily.
Eat My Shorts
A small harbor. Everything is so brightly colored here. Maybe it's because the sun was up at 10pm and I was slightly delirious.
I'm pretty sure this is an import.
Ice Caddy
Some sort of beached boat.
K E97
Another part of the harbor.
Two Ships
The local public sculpture: a gigantic boat anchor.
Jebus in Iceland.
Ice Church
A jewish star. Good to see a little healthy competition.
Jewish Star
The local Verslun Saumastofa. I spent an hour trying to figure out what it means; the best I could come up with is 'sewing market'.
I found this ancient Nordic monument at the edge of town.
Thanks, Keflavik! My stay wasn't long, but I enjoyed it a lot.
Takk Fyrir
On my way back to San Francisco, I flew over Greenland and Northern Canada. It was quite remote and very beautiful.
This is all I could see for five solid hours! I'm glad we gassed up in Iceland.
More Arctic
Some souvenirs from the Land of Ice.

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