Fourth of July

Sparkly night pictures from the 4th of July, 2006.

Alex twirls a sparkler around.
Sparkly Alex
Bonnie tries to lasso in some 4th of July fun.
Sparkly Bonnie
Rhitu contributes to the sparkler game with her own swirly design.
Sparkly Rhitu
Bonnie and Rhitu draw in the air.
More Sparklers
Alex gives Johanna a sparkly halo.
Halo Johanna
Johanna twirls a sparkler, but it burns out before she's done.
Rhitu draws us a nice figure-eight.
Figure Eight
Johanna messes around in the dark.
Super Sparks
Mary writes a cryptic slogan in the air.
V U W Forever
A crescendo of sparks lights up the night.
Wild celebratory curves of constitutional freedom.
A pair of anonymous neighbors enjoys a dangerous pyrotechnic.
Roman Candle

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