Kyla's Wedding, February 2005

Another trip to Wisconsin, this time for a wedding.

Here I am on the plane, playing with my Handspring camera.
On The Plane
I went to Milwaukee for Kyla and Quinn's wedding. This is them.
Kyla Quinn
I promised Kyla that I'd take strange pictures.
Wedding Collage
Here's the happy couple having a stroll on the dance floor.
Wedding Dance
My lovely dinner companion, Valerie, and her friend Samantha.
Wedding Valerie
I knew their names when I took the picture.
Woman With Baby
I did this by flashing a disposable camera during a 2-second exposure (cause I'm a photography geek).
Reception Valerie
In my day, they called it Disco.
A matrimonial tableau. Food stains magically photoshopped away!
Wedding Table
The beautiful bridal bouquet was on display that day. Yay.
Here I am before the wedding in downtown Milwaukee.
Me In Milwaukee
Valerie went to the Milwaukee art museum with me.
Val In Milwaukee
Why is this man smiling? Maybe it's because a beautiful woman is taking his picture.
After the wedding I visited my old home town of Madison.
I got there just in time for the weekly dinner at Wah Kee restaurant.
Wah Kee Johanna
More of the dinner group at Wah Kee.
Wah Kee Group
Mary and Dave at Wah Kee.
Wah Kee Mary Dave
I thought it would be a capital idea to take Valerie to the Capitol building.
Capital Valerie

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