Miscellaneous 2004

Various pictures from '04.

They said they were over 18, I swear.
Anne And Karen
Portrait Johanna at Mary's house in Madison (I photoshopped it a little).
Visions of Johanna
Amy and Alex
Amy and Alex
Wide-area view of my quarters from the amazing Zenitar lens.
My Living Room
It looks like a country club, but it's actually where I work.
EA Window View
Anand sends one over the net.
I see this place in my sleep. It'll probably haunt me in the afterlife.
Oracle Buildings
The local rich business guy hotel. I walk past it on the way to work.
Hotel Sofitel
The sailboat is in there somewhere.
Collage of cell phone images from Carla's visit.
Carla Collage
An illuminated duck from a store window.
Glowing Duck
Carla by the bay on a Sausalito summer night.
Carla in Sausalito
Here's the San Mateo bridge. It goes to Hayward.
San Mateo Bridge
A twisted view of the mighty Oracle building.
Oracle At Night
A bad scan of some slides I took with a Viewmaster camera. If you look at it cross-eyed, you might be able to see it in 3D.
Patio in 3D
Another bad scan of a Viewmaster picture.
Plants in 3D

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