Miscellaneous 2005

Various pictures from '05.

My new favorite activity since moving back to the midwest.
Shoveling Snow
Sailing on Lake Mendota with Paul, Mary and Dave.
Sailboat Crew
Madison, WI.
My new best friend while I'm staying in the Madison area.
My view of the San Francisco bay, through the twisted eye of the Lensbaby.
Bay View
In the parking garage at work.
Things are looking up.
Looking Up
A mossy tree on the Sawyer Camp trail.
Mossy Tree
These things grow like weeds along the bay.
Purple Flowers
Wildlife! I can't believe this picture turned out.
Out among the Willow trees.
More wildlife. This guy was a lot more cooperative than the rabbit.
Dead Fish
Another picture of Valerie from Kyla's Wedding.
Dinner Valerie
A composite of some old 2004 images.
Future Pumpkin
Another composite image.
Surfin Samantha
A landscape with the benefit of some fancy Photoshop filters.
Strange Landscape
I gave my car a Photoshop paint job.
Paint Job
Amy and Alex at the Dallas airport on the day I first met them in 1997. Shot on a first-generation Canon Powershot.

Or see more pictures at my Flickr Page.

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