Miscellaneous 2006

Various pictures from '06.

State Street at night
State With Cab
My snowy street in February
Panoramic fun at the workplace
Office- Interior
Panoramic fun at the local bar with Johanna
Slipper Club
A colorful swing set near Mary's house
Orange Swings
Drinking at the Come Back Inn with Stacie
Stacie And Frank
At the Tubb's Taco Palace bar with Carla
Tubb's Taco Palace
Johanna helped organize this 150-person drum circle to celebrate Madison's sesquecentennial
Drum Rally
A stilt walker at the 150 drummers event
Stilt Walker
A fire engine in the Memorial Day parade.
Monona Fire Engine
Dan and Lin enjoying a delicious donut at the Farmer's Market.
Carla at the Chocolate Shoppe, State Street.
Ice Cream Carla
Me and Larry at a sculpture garden near Spring Green, WI
Me And Larry
In the car with Stacie, Dan and Lin, on our way to American Players Theatre.
In The Car
A picnic at American Player's Theatre with Dan, Lin and Stacie. We saw Shakespeare's 'Measure for Measure'.
Picnic at APT
Rhitu and Johanna on a Lake Monona dock on Fourth of July day.
Rhitu and Johanna at dusk
Riding the Original Ducks in Wisconsin Dells, WI.
Original Ducks
Delicious candy apples in a store window.
Candy Apples
Kids working their way through college in Wisconsin Dells, WI.
Fudge Shop
Mushroom vendor at the Farmer's Market.
Pizza party at Mary's.
Mary's Pizza
Some really tall farmers at the Food for Thought festival.
Stilt Walkers
Colorful vegetables for sale at the Farmer's market.
Some strangely colored produce.
Psychedelic Peppers
Stark skies over northern Michigan.
Fishing in Lake Huron with Wendell and Tim.
Gone Fishing
With Wendell on Coryell Island.

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