The Great Southwest, 2001-2002

Random photos from the brief but exciting time I lived in Las Vegas.

During a car outing from Vegas to Albuquerque (only 550 miles!), Kyle and Jen walk their dogs.
Kyle And Jen With Dogs
Carl at home in New Mexico.
Young Carl
Fresh-roasted green chilies from a farm near Albuquerque. My car smelled like these things for a month!
Green Chilies
During the trip west from Wisconsin; this is probably western Colorado.
Driving West
Hiking with Greg in Zion Canyon, southern Utah.
Greg Hiking
In Red Rock Canyon, just outside Las Vegas.
Me In Red Rock Canyon
Another picture from the western migration in 2001.
Hanging out with Dan on Mt. Charleston, Nevada.
Mount Charleston
An old gas station. I think this was in Kansas or Nebraska.
Abandoned Gas Station
Hiking with the Westwood gang in Zion Canyon, Utah.
Zion Canyon
Driving; at the western border of Colorado.
Leaving Colorful Colorado

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