Paris, 2005: Part 1

Trip to Paris with Valerie

I took a trip to France with Valerie. This part of the trip is where we stayed in Paris and visited famous tourist attractions.
Valerie Restaurant
My hotel room faced this little alley filled with tiny cars, which I later learned was actually a street.
Hotel Street
The metro (that's french for subway) proved to be a great way to get around town.
We did a little shopping in Paris.
Flea Market
This place had some curious effects, such as Donald Duck in a french hat.
Toy Window
We went to visit an old church. A lot of other people were there. You can't see the church or the other people in this picture, though. I'm just saying.
Sacre Blur
Sweet Jebus! That is one fancy church.
Sacre Coeur
We climbed 290 steps through an impossibly narrow stairwell to reach the holy observation deck.
Coeur View1
In America, they would have torn this down and replaced it with a mall.
Coeur View2
A nice view of Paris. In the distance is some sort of radio antenna made by a guy named Eiffel.
Coeur View3
Obligatory self-portrait from a high place.
Coeur Frank
Here's that tower again, with a little lens blur for fun.
Eiffel Blur
Valerie took me to lots of interesting streets. I think this one was a cemetery.
The tower looked good lit up at night against the river Seine.
Night Eiffel
This thing is everywhere!
Night Eiffel Street
We went to a museum called the Louvre. It was filled with famous works of pornography.
I didn't think I'd get to see the Sistine Chapel on this trip, but there it was.
Nice Ceiling
My favorite work of art wasn't hanging on the walls.
Valerie Louvre
A whole mob of people were lined up to see something called La Joconde.
Joconde Crowd
It was just some painting. I couldn't see what all the fuss was about.
La Joconde
This is another museum, called Musee d'Orsay. In spite of the name, most of the paintings weren't even about horses.
They don't make ceilings like this anymore.
Fancy Ceiling
Le Tour Eiffel, at last.
Eiffel Foot
This is called Palais de Chaillot. I think it's where french people go to renew their driver's license.
I can see all the way back to Indiana from up here!
Tower View1
On the far tip of the island is a replica of the Statue of Liberty. They built it to get back at us for putting an Eiffel Tower in Vegas.
Tower View2
The thing with the gold dome is Napoleon's tomb.
Tower View3
Paris is pretty big.
Tower View4
Obligatory self portrait from a high place.
Self Portrait
A view of the base of the tower looking pretty much straight down.
Straight Down
Another view looking more or less straight up.
Straight Up
You can see the red elevator taking people up to the observation deck.
Tower Top
That night I dreamed the Eiffel tower was made out of chocolate.
Eiffel Chocolate
The Notre Dame cathedral is full of these trippy-looking gargoyles.
Another half-human, half-animal figure carved in the 12th century.
Live outdoor jazz was provided to entertain the crowd.
Bass Player
Somewhere in this picture, a priest is saying mass.
Notre Dame Interior1
Jebus was fond of high ceilings.
Notre Dame Interior2
The hunchback let us climb the spooky staircase to the top.
Notre Dame Top1
So many bridges!
Notre Dame Top2
Obligatory portrait of cute girlfriend from a high place.
Notre Valerie
We found a nice little restaurant somewhere in the Latin quarter.
Frank Restaurant
Mmm, french pizza.
Technically it's illegal for me to publish this crappy photo of the Eiffel tower's nighttime light show. Which is pretty much the only reason I'm doing it.
Eiffel Illegal
Here is Valerie at the Arc de Triomph, showing off some of her own arcs.
Curvy Valerie
I saw this all over France. Apparently it never went out of style there. Sort of like Jerry Lewis.
Baby On Board
In france, ice cream is often marketed using blatantly phallic images such as these.
Sex Cream
More weird french products.
Disco Bits

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