Paris, 2005: Part 2

More from my trip to Paris

Gigantic paintings at the Louvre.
Big Louvre
The Louvre from just beneath the glass pyramid.
The Louvre's newest work of classic art.
Mona Valerie
Sacre Coeur Graffiti.
Chris Jones With Nicky
Steps leading to the top of the Sacre Coeur cathedral.
Coeur Steps
Favorite employee hangout of La Foundrie de Sonique.
La Taverne De Montmarte
More gothic horror from the Notre Dame.
Caged spectators on the roof of the Notre Dame.
Notre Cage
Somehow, I blame Ali.
Notre Bell
Overlooking Paris from the Notre Dame cathedral.
Gargoyles In Sepia
Valerie at the foot of that omnipresent french structure.
Tower Val
Eiffel's famous tower, with a little help from Hubble's famous space telescope.
Eiffel Galaxy
A church we passed along the way.
Church Along The Way
Caught in the blur of the church lights.
This is just creepy.
Cruising down the Seine in a tourist boat.
They're probably drinking coffee, and smoking big cigars.
Restaurant Boat
Another magnificent piece of centuries old architecture.
Inside a french graveyard. Only the french would make a headstone with nipples.
Hanging out by the river on a lovely summer day.
Frank Seine
Somewhere near the Notre Dame, I think.
Frank Square
Valerie relaxing on the lawn. The thing that looks like a terrarium is some sort of government building.
In the Latin quarter at night. Good place to eat.
Night Street
Valerie checks out some of the famous art at the Louvre.
I'm your venus, baby.
The chicken, you like it how?
Picture174_05 Jun05
Some sort of onomatopoeic soft drink.
Picture190_06 Jun05
Valerie at the horse museum.
Picture210_07 Jun05
Hey, I think I've heard of this guy. Something about cutting off his ear?
Picture211_07 Jun05
The french boulonge was magnificent.
Picture223_07 Jun05
The Smart Car. Basically it's a seat with just enough car built up around it to let it move.
Picture226_07 Jun05
Valerie cruising the urban jungle.
Picture230_07 Jun05
It was surprisingly easy to find the Coca Light over in France.
Picture258_08 Jun05
Indiana food. Go hoosiers!
Picture266_08 Jun05
Isn't that romantic? Or does it just make you sick?
Picture272_09 Jun05
Arc de Triomphe. This is where Lance Armstrong puts the french bicyclists to shame on an annual basis.
I heard some stupid american tourists refer to it as 'that arch or something'.
Picture277_09 Jun05
Ironically, or maybe not, I spotted this from the top of a cathedral.
The 5 major porn groups.
At the airport in Paris... I think.
Airport Lounge Psychedelic

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