Personal Photos

Miscellaneous photos, both chronic and recent, all featuring Me.

During the MS150 bike ride in Whitewater, WI
Party Tent
Snorkeling off the coast of Maui
Wielding the Viewmaster camera in Hawaii
Summer bike ride in the country. This is the intersection of Seminole and Whalen in Fitchburg.
Iron Bike
Bike ride in the Arboretum.
Arboretum Ride
With Mary at one of our numerous outdoor festivals.
With Mary
At work over at the Industry Connection.
At Desk
In the car on a sunny day around Chicago.
From a series of portraits shot by Marcia at work
Fancy Portrait
Sailing on Lake Mendota, Wisconsin
Frank On Deck
Greetings from Red Rock Canyon, Nevada
At the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas
Inside The Luxor
At Wisconsin's largest antique mall in rural Columbus
Antique Mall
In my lair of computers, records and other nerdy stuff.
Am I serious enough yet?
At the Winchester Mystery House
Winchester Mystery House
In the car.
In the Car
In an elevator at work.
Elevator Frank
Lunch time, the best time of the day.
Lunch Time
Two weeks before they announced the Westwood closing. What, me worry?
Me, Worry?
Two weeks after relocating to the SF Bay area. Is it Easter yet?
Yellow Sweater
Ted's Deathmarch through Zion Canyon, Utah, October 2002. We hiked, we camped, we packed out everything we brought in, literally.
Me Hiking
Me hanging off a trolley with Carla and Risa at the Sebastianni winery in Sonoma, March 2003. Photo by Carla (via time delay).
Sebastianni Gang
Me with Kim at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
With Kim in San Francisco
Doctored picture of me hanging out at Jolly Bob's in Madison, WI with the old Sonic Foundry gang. Thanks to Scott King for the photography.
Bad Friday Night
Me dancing to disco music at Diane Burner's house in Long Island, circa-1986.
Disco Frank
Me with Diane Burner herself. Taken by a cheap photo booth at Cedar Point amusement park, Sandusky, OH.
Have A Nice Day
Taken at Zanne's 1998 New Year's eve party. Classic photoshopped scan of a polaroid. This has been my Yahoo profile image for years.
With Amy at a restaurant in Staten Island, NY.
Frank and Amy
Photo booth pictures of me and Carla at the Lounge Ax bar in Chicago, where we'd gone to see a Handsome Family performance.
Lounge Ax with Carla
From my crazy days with the Rat Pack in Las Vegas.
Rat Pack Frank
Me with 'Vlad' and 'Jar' during my short-lived career with in Las Vegas (the '.com' part of that should say it all).
hello, Network
Cool cartoon of me by Krista. Drawn on the back of a placemat at a diner in Las Vegas.
Krista Cartoon
I was just seventeen, if you know what I mean.
Teen Frank
Wecome to the Blue + gold dinner!
Blue and Gold Dinner

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