Las Vegas, March 2005

Trip to Photoshop World in Las Vegas

A rest stop in the Mojave desert.
Rest Stop
My room at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.
Luxor Room
Panoramic view of the Luxor interior; shot from the 18th floor.
Luxor Interior Pan
Krista practices her keyboarding at Dan's house.
Acid Krista
We got to Red Rock Canyon shortly after sunrise.
Red Rock Car
It's not New York, but Ron enjoyed it anyway.
Red Rock Ron
Ansel Adams would be proud of the composition, but he'd hate the color.
Red Rock Rock
Parking was ample.
Red Rock Parking
A wind farm in the Mojave.
At the Vegas version of the Eiffel tower.
Picture068_07 Mar05
I like the vignetting produced by my low-quality cell phone camera. Also, the boobs.
Picture070_07 Mar05
The last road in the country?
Zzyzx Rd
It doesn't look like much, yet it is the cultural center of Kramer Junction, CA.
Astro Burger
Jen took me to Calico Basin, the secret part of Red Rock Canyon.
Now I'm a landscape photographer? California, in the hills near Gilroy.
Mandalay Bay and Luxor hotels; view from the conference center.
Picture089_08 Mar05
I'm too sexy for my face.
Picture106_09 Mar05
Ron at sunset.
Sunset Ron
They have some big mountains in Nevada.
And plenty of them.
More Mountains
Odd desert flora.
Weird Tree
Nice place for a stroll.
Nice place for a picnic.

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