My Christmas Vacation, 2003

Pictures from my multi-state holiday journey.

My vacation begins with a train ride from my home in Belmont.
An unusual vehicular juxtaposition is observed at the San Jose airport as I begin my trip.
Long Island, NY. Mom and Dad by their Christmas tree, anxiously awaiting the big day.
Christmas Tree
Frank Sr, my dad.
My brother James. What I might look like if I dyed my hair and lost 50 pounds.
Sister Jennifer and Niece Jessica at the LaRosa family party.
Jennifer and Jessica
Peter Garzero and Family at home in Long Island.
Mom prepares the holiday meal, including a special vegetarian selection for me (thanks mom).
Frank's Mom
On Christmas morning, Dad relaxes in his easy chair.
Frank's Dad
Nieces Cassidy and Jessica on Christmas. Look what Santa brought!
Cassidy and Thomas basking in the Christmas loot.
Christmas Presents
The NY to Wisconsin leg of my trip begins with an $8 ride over the Verrazano-Narrows bridge.
Verrazano-Narrows Bridge
Ron 'Wise Byte' Chibnik and daughter Melody in New Jersey.
Ron and Melody
I stopped in Pleasant Valley just long enough to snap a few photos of Gwen.
Tim Rossiter and girlfriend Tally at their home in Cleveland.
Tim and Tally
Tim holds the famous Tim/Frank printer switch from the early days of Searchlight Software.
Printer Switch
Tami, aka 'Vampire Girl', came to see me at Tim's house in Cleveland.
Visiting with Kim in Madison.
On my way to Milwaukee I stopped at the remains of the famous Gobbler restaurant in Johnson Creek.
Gobbler Exterior
New Year's day. Kyla stands beside my rented Ford Mustang near the shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, WI.
Milwaukee itself. I'm told it's nicer than it looks.
My friend Johanna used her new cell phone to invite me to a pizza party at Mary's house.
Some of the homemade pizzas we produced. In the upper-right is the one where I secretly replaced the regular cheese with Almond Mozzerella.
Mary Churchill, pizza maven.
Just prior to my afternoon flight home, I bowled a few games with Stacie and Adam in Madison.
Stacie sends one down.

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