Yosemite Park, December 2003

Some vacation-type pictures in Yosemite national park

I saw this on Route 41 on my way to the south entrance to Yosemite national park.
Auto Sales
Probably 10 million tourists have exactly the same picture as this.
There was a lot of fog and low clouds the day I went to Yosemite. I didn't get to see much because it started snowing a few hours after this.
National parks have a lot of trees.
Some Trees
Here's part of the road they let you drive on, plus more fog.
Mountain Side
Some more random scenery.
More Trees
I guess this was the best thing I got to see before I got snowed out.
Here it is again, except closer-up.
More Waterfall
A tunnel. It seems that even in big-name national parks, when nature gets too ornery they still resort to blasting holes through it.

Or see more pictures at my Flickr Page.

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