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Santa Cruz, CA Ano Nuevo, CA Annette makes me a Hat. At the Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz Ano Nuevo, CA Santa Cruz, CA
Personal Photos Personal Photos
Miscellaneous photos, both chronic and recent, all featuring Me.
California 2008 California 2008
January 2008 visit to San Francisco and Santa Cruz
Goats! Goats!
Goats at Dreamfarm in Cross Plains, WI
Trip to Maui Trip to Maui
Hawaiian vacation with Annette, 2007. Additional pictures on flickr.
Miscellaneous 2007 Miscellaneous 2007
Various pictures from '07.
Devil's Lake Devil's Lake
A November hike at Devil's Lake, Baraboo, WI
Anaglyphs Anaglyphs
3D pictures. Use your red/green or red/blue 3D glasses!
Fourth of July Fourth of July
Sparkly night pictures from the 4th of July, 2006.
Madison Art Bike Rally Madison Art Bike Rally
Madison's Annual Art Bike Rally, 2006.
White Sox Game White Sox Game
Going to a Chicago White Sox game, 2006.
House On The Rock House On The Rock
A visit to the Spring Green classic with Annette, 2006.
Miscellaneous 2006 Miscellaneous 2006
Various pictures from '06.
Great American Road Trip Great American Road Trip
Road trip across the USA, November 2005. Check my flickr page for more images from this trip.
Tim's Island Tim's Island
Vacation to Coryell Island in northern Lake Huron
My Car My Car
Pictures of my car in various exotic locations
Keflavik, Iceland, 2005 Keflavik, Iceland, 2005
A bonus trip to Iceland on my way home from France!
Lille, 2005 Lille, 2005
The part of my France trip where we visited Lille
Paris, 2005: Part 2 Paris, 2005: Part 2
More from my trip to Paris
Paris, 2005: Part 1 Paris, 2005: Part 1
Trip to Paris with Valerie
Santa Cruz, April 2005 Santa Cruz, April 2005
Day trip to Santa Cruz with Valerie
Miscellaneous 2005 Miscellaneous 2005
Various pictures from '05.
Las Vegas, March 2005 Las Vegas, March 2005
Trip to Photoshop World in Las Vegas
Kyla's Wedding, February 2005 Kyla's Wedding, February 2005
Another trip to Wisconsin, this time for a wedding.
Miscellaneous 2004 Miscellaneous 2004
Various pictures from '04.
Vintage Computer Festival, November 2004 Vintage Computer Festival, November 2004
Geeks. Hardcore computer geeks.
My trip to Las Vegas, May 2004 My trip to Las Vegas, May 2004
Vegas, baby. Vegas.
My Christmas Vacation, 2003 My Christmas Vacation, 2003
Pictures from my multi-state holiday journey.
Yosemite Park, December 2003 Yosemite Park, December 2003
Some vacation-type pictures in Yosemite national park
Vacation Pictures, California, July 2003 Vacation Pictures, California, July 2003
A few snapshots from my vacation time with Amy.
Bay Area Images, July 2003 Bay Area Images, July 2003
I got a new camera so I figured I should take some pictures.
The Great Southwest, 2001-2002 The Great Southwest, 2001-2002
Random photos from the brief but exciting time I lived in Las Vegas.
Classic Madison, 1998-2001 Classic Madison, 1998-2001
Photos from the classic original move to Madison in the late 90's.
Cleveland Rocks, 1995-1998 Cleveland Rocks, 1995-1998
For some reason, I spent a good part of the 90's living in Cleveland. I didn't take many pictures, though.
Old photos of the Searchlight gang from ONE BBSCON 1995 in Tampa, FL.

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