Let's put Frank in the 'cool club'

by Cliff Heller

You know Frank was telling me just last night how back in the days of the old Searchlight, he wasn't in the 'cool club' because his BBS only ran on a TRS 80. Now, in those days, he told me, a person ran a BBS because they wrote a cool BBS program, not like today when some rich slob who likes to play with computers and wants respect, and friends, buys a crummy program like PC-Bored, a super huge hard disk (or better yet, a CD rom), and a 9600 baud modem, spends altogether about 10 thousand dollars and cant even use his computer so he has to get another.

Frank actually couldn't get the searchlight listed on a nation wide BBS-list because he didn't have 30 megs on line. Do you believe that? I mean like now you're not cool if you don't have 30 megs on line, you're not cool if you don't lock out 300 baud, you're not cool if you don't run PC-bored, Opus, Fido, RBBS, or some other well known software. It doesn't matter that poor Frank spent more than a year, writing the best BBS program there is, no, or that he put his only computer on-line for the sake of his users, fortunately he could borrow a PC with no hard disk, and an unworking mono-graphics card.

Now Frank can't afford a 30 meg hard drive, I live with Frank... in the same house, in the same room, christ, we are so poor the six of us have to share this one room shack.. we have to sleep in the same bed together, sounds like fun, you might say, but not when I tell you that poor Josephine is dying of AIDS, Caroline is frigid, George lost all of his major organs when he was hit by a drunk driver (as an aside, he is one of the few living examples of a medical U.F.O. or Unbelievable Faked Organ), Frank has herpes, and I havent been able to get an erection since vietnam when I raped that seven year old out of desperation.

It's true, we are desperate, so please, give what you can to support Frank, if you have an extra 30 meg hard drive and donate it, he will surely give you backups of all the uploads, he will even give you unlimited download time and no required ratio. Heck maybe he'll even let you onto sub-board L.

C'mon show sysop you appreciate the work he has done, let's have a telethon, give your 2400 baud modem to frank, give your compaq 386 to frank so he can run on a decent computer, heck why don't we all contribute and get him a micro-VAX to run searchlight on.

Let's put Frank in the 'cool club'.

This has been a public service announcement

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