Fresh Flavor

Jane Morgan's New Approach to the Big Hits.

In every life there are seminal moments when things become clear and the future changes forever. For me, one of those moments came in 1986 when I bought this record for a quarter in Port Jefferson, NY. I had long since given up on popular music (my last favorite band, ABBA, hadn't had an album in years), and I was ready for my musical tastes to mature. When I popped on this record and heard Jane's swinging version of "Good Lovin'", an entire new world of music opened up for me. And I've been collecting records like this one ever since.

Jane Morgan was some sort of big-band singer in the 40's and 50's. I know because I found some old Jane Morgan albums at a thrift store once. Here, we find her applying that big-band style to the Big Hits of the day (I can't find a date on the album, but it looks late-60ish). This seems to have been a big thing among record executives for a number of years -- find some pre-Rock and Roll performer who's not quite pulling in the crowds anymore, and have them record their New Approach to that year's Top 10. Even Tony Bennett fell for it (see his "Tony Sings the Great Hits of Today" elsewhere on this site).

According to the liner notes on this album, "Every once in a while, even the most hardened control room crew lights up like a teenager meeting his or her idol for the first time. It happened quite recently in our studios when Jane Morgan sang a collection of contemporary hits, in her own very special style, for this new Epic album". Well, I have to admit that I lit up when I heard this record, too, though my motivations were somewhat different.

Fresh Flavor
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Good Lovin' (MP3) What all music might have been like if they had never invented Rock and Roll.
These Boots Are Made for Walkin' A classic tune, delivered in any even more classic style. So good it hurts.

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Biff says:
Um. I kind of liked Good Loving. She obviously doesn't try to ape the original, but reinterprets it - as someone said - as if "rock-n-roll" had never happened. She kind of gets a "dirty good girl" thing going. The arrangement is a little over the top, but not as much as the arrangement for boots. It would have been interesting to hear Dusty Springfield take a similar approach. (11-06-2005)

JohnnyAA ( says:
With a voice like hers Jane could sing the telephone directory and I'd love it. A pleasant big band take on classic 60s pop/rock. (10-14-2005)

Stephen says:
In 1963, KAPP released Jane Morgan's Greatest Hits. The tracks:

+TOP 10 HIT, PHILIPPINES (09-16-2005)

Lester Maddox says:
Man! She's Hot! The music Swings! Donny Osmond was bangin' her, wasn't he? (08-21-2005)

Jan Hagen ( says:
I'm tring to find Jane Morgan's version of Till that I can download. It's to be used in a 80th BD gift for my dad who loves that song. If you can help me I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, Jan (08-19-2005)

Adrian says:
These two tracks were actually a lot of fun. We can snicker at the daffy arrangements, but just listen to this gal swing!


Stephen says:
Jane had 2 best sellers on the Billboard Country
Charts in 1970:
A Girl Named Johnny Cash
The First Day (05-15-2005)

Donald Miller ( says:
Is she being backed by people playing the comb? (You remember, toilet paper, comb, etc)

love light and peace (05-08-2005)

Stephen says:
Jane Morgan had 4 best sellers on the WABC charts in the early 1960s: SOMEBODY (1960); IN JERUSALEM (1961); LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO 'ROUND (1961);
and WHAT NOW MY LOVE (1962). WABC had a large audience in those days. I grew up in southern CT and remember hearing Jane Morgan on WABC. (04-19-2005)

Patrick ( says:
I have enjoyed reading all of your comments about Jane Morgan, I too am a big fan of hers. I have been collecting her albums for years and I now have 19 of them. I dont have Fresh Flavor yet, but I will soon, I am sure. Anyone know where she is now? Or if she still sings? (03-31-2005)

Susan Pelley ( says:
I was a little girl when I first saw Jane Morgan. My mother was a huge fan and played her records over and over. It wasn't long before everyone in the family was smitten. Day or night, when the beginning notes of one of her records was played on the radio ... whoever heard it would holler, "Jane's On!" Not that we didn't have the record ourselves, but it was always a thrill to hear her get some air time.

We were nuts. Whenever she was in town doing summer stock or a concert at the Latin Casino (night club, not a "casino") we were there. It wasn't until we drove up to Kennebunkport, Maine for a concert that we actually got to MEET her!

I guess they began to wonder who "those people" were. We got a camping trailer and named it, "Trailin' Jane" ... and that's what we did. All summer long we followed the summer stock circuit ... Lady in the Dark, King & I, Mame, Hello Dolly, Gypsy ... Oh, God, what fun we had! I recognize the names here ... David and Ron ... I think I met Ron once, we've written a time or two years ago, and I know my mom and my sister, Judi, spoke with David a time or two.

Dad's gone now, and Mom has Alzheimers. I've gotten copies of a lot of the old records and put them on CD ... I recently found Coconut Grove and paid $80 to have it professionally restored and copied onto CD. Worth every penny! Alzheimers does strange things to the mind ... but music is somehow stored in another part of the memory. The memories of Jane Morgan and the wonderful summers we spent following her all over the countryside are still there in my Mother's mind. We sing together every day. There's not a day that goes by that there isn't some reminder ... even the ravages of Alzheimers cannot dim the memory of Jane Morgan.

Jane ... if you ever see this ... You brought tremendous joy to our entire family for many, many years. Reliving those memories 30 years later is as wonderful as it was then.

Someone here wrote that she still sings at parties??? Just tell me when and I'll throw the party!!!

Susan ...
representing The Pelley Clan -- Haywood, Betty, Jeanette, Judi, Sharon, Stephen, Susan, Robin, George and Jeffrey.


David Piercy ( says:
Finding "Fresh Flavor" by JANE MORGAN was just that. Glad SONY decided to release two of Jane's songs on cd. 99.9 percent of the songs are very well done. I love "Daydream" and "Good Lovin'" to name only 2 from FRESH FLAVOR...what a voice...and what a beauty and talent. Where are the JANE MORGANs of today?????? (03-15-2005)

Mad. Dr. Matt ( says:
Jane had some pipes on her - didn't she? I wonder if John Sebantian ever heard this - if he were dead (and who says he's not) he'd be flipping over in his grave! Or at least, smashing he's six string bango like Pete Townsend.

The "Boots" thing is not that much of a surprise. I mean, if Nancy SINATRA did it - why couldn't Jane? And speaking of "Nancy with the Laughing Eyes" - anybody catch her in Playboy? She looks great - but I'll bet FRANK is just FLIPPIN' over in this grave! (11-11-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Stephen says:
Great CD--wonderful mid 1960s pop. She did well on the easy listening charts with "Elusive Butterfly" & "Side By Side". "Good Lovin'" was a jukebox favorite for a time in 1966. Jane Morgan released "Jane Morgan's Greatest Hits" (KAPP) in 1963: "Fascination", "My Favorite Things", "Till", "Romantica", "Scarlet Ribbons", "The Day The Rains Came", "Fly Me To The Moon", "Moon River", "Tammy", "It's All In The Game", "Two Different Worlds",and "If Only I Could Live My Life Again". (10-18-2004)

Joli ( says:
I meant in respect to the song "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'." (10-12-2004)

Joli ( says:
Nancy Sinatra leaves Jane Morgan in the dust. Not sure why Jane attempted it. But I think Jane Morgan did a great job on the song "Fascination." Fascination is, by far, more her forte. (10-12-2004)

musiclover says:
Before I get to my comments about this awesome record, I want to answer Sharron's question. Jane Morgan and Jaye P. Morgan are not the same person. This Jane Morgan sang "Fascination", "The day the Rains Came Down", and many other fantiastic songs. Jaye P. Morgan was one of RCA Victor's biggest stars of the '50's. She had many hits, but her biggest one was "That's All I Want From You". Jaye P. Morgan was "The Gong Show" girl and singer of Felix Unger's classic song, "Happy and Peppy and Bursting with Love". Jane Morgan ranks up there with Jo Stafford as one of the most sophisticated singers of the era. This album, "Fresh Flavor",is one of her best. In addition to the two standout songs listed above, other favorites on this LP include her treatment of Dionne Warwick's "Message To Michael", and her treatment of "When A Man Loves A Woman", here treated as "When A Woman Loves A Man". Personally, I would rather listen to her version than Percy Sledge's. This LP is one of the few LP's listed on this site that is avaliable on CD!! It's paired up with another Jane Morgan winner, "In My Style", her very first Epic album. On that album, she does other female vocalists hits, including her versions of "Side By Side", and "Till I Waltz Again With You" that BLOWS AWAY the Kay Starr and Teresa Brewer hit versiaons, respectively. Go to or ( score your own CD copy of "Fresh Flavor". The two Epic albums that are not on CD, "Jane Morgan in Gold", and "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye", are winners as well, "Gold" is the follow-up to "Fresh Flavor" and contian awesome versions of "Summer Wind", "Baby the Rain Must Fall", "1-2-3", and "Queen of the House". "Goodbye" is a collection of singles and odds and ends from various Epic sessions and it has great songs like "I Want to Be with You", "Love Me True", "The Lovers", "I Will Wait For You", and the title track. I forgot to mention that "Style" has a new version of "Fascination" on it that is not set up like a big band recording, like the original was. To investigate her Kapp recordings, a good sample is "More of Jane Morgan's Greatest Hits",which has the epic masterpeice "It Takes Love" on it, plus other winners like "The Second Time Around", and "The Angry Sea". Her last album, "Jane Morgan in Nashville", on RCA Victor, has a silly satire on Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" called "A Girl Named Johnny Cash". That song, coupled with Tom Springfield's "Charley", was the 45 from my Dad's collection that introduced me to her when I was a little tike. I have ten of her albums, and ALL of them are winners. You just can't go wrong with Jane Morgan! Also look in the 45's at your local thrift store,used record store, or flea market for "Somebody Someplace" on ABC & "Funny World" on Colpix. Those two songs are winners as well. Thanks, Chris, for the update on her. Jane Morgan is the BEST!!! (08-24-2004)


OreoBoots says:
Yeah , you are right , it almost hurts it's that good (07-16-2004)

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