Tony Sings the Great Hits of Today

Eleanor Rigby, Little Green Apples, Something, and more, done Tony Bennett style.

You thought Tony Bennett was cool just because he's got a video on MTV. Here's what Tony was doing back in 1969, when his career wasn't in such good shape -- covering Beatles tunes and trying his best to appeal to the younger generation.

On "Tony Sings the Great Hits of Today", we find covers of such staples as Something, Little Green Apples and Here, There and Everywhere, along with a knockout reading of Eleanor Rigby that's guaranteed to floor you with disbelief (especially if you listen to it while viewing the hip psychedelic painting of Tony shown here).

It's safe to say that Tony doesn't regard this album as his best work. A 1990 article in The Atlantic titled The Real Stuff quotes him as expressing his disgust with doing "contemporary" tunes, likening it to that of his seamstress mother when she was forced to work on a cheap dress. Fortunately, the Vinyl Museum saved at least one copy from the dustbin.

Tony Sings the Great Hits of Today
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Eleanor Rigby (MP3) "Sing" doesn't really describe the way Tony navigates this tune -- "Butcher" might be a more accurate verb. Give it a listen.
Here, There and Everywhere (MP3) Tony and friends turn this light Beatles tune into a full-swing big-band extravaganza.

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Richard Schlimbach ( says:
I have this recording and I played it so much that it is scratched but still playable. I love his rendition of the song "My Cherie Amour" with a full orchestration and sung very slowly with emotion, unlike Stevie Wonder. Tony is doing his REAL fans a diservice by not having this recording done on a CD. The cover may not be so flattering, but the music on it is simply great. Every song, every note, this album is fantastic. Glad I still have it but would love to have it on CD. Richard in Bronx,NY (02-20-2011)

Sarah says:
How would I get ahold of a copy of Live for Live? I have been looking everywhere for it! (05-10-2010)

brina ( says:
I grew up listening to album. My brother played it a lot. I stole it from him to play it. The renditions of Here, Live For Life, Sunrise Sunset and Is That All There is, are classic. Full of emotion. If anyone out there can get me the original vinyl or a cd of this particular album by Mr. Bennett. I will love them forever as a fellow human being.Price is almost no concern.

Somebody please tell iTunes to acquire this album. (03-19-2008)

Lynn Gold ( says:
It sounds like he took singing lessons from William Shatner. (10-06-2007)

Ryan says:
I just bought this album at a thrift shop about a week ago for about 50 cents. It is really cheesy. (09-22-2007)

Danno ( says:
He and William Shatner should do a duet. (09-21-2007)

okkie vijfvinkel ( says:
Is it possible to get me a copy of this album, or at least 'little green apples'? My mom was certain Tony covered it, and this is the first time i found proof of this. Even at the National Radio they couldn't give me evidence, most radiopeople told me the song wasn't even covered by Tony Bennet. If it is as good as Eleanor Rigby it would be even better, but that cover is unreal! (05-29-2007)

Kent50 ( says:
Hello, Anyone out there with a copy of this album (maybe copied onto a cd somehow??) Would you send me the cut of TB's "Live for Life" ??? I love his rendition of it!! Thanks! (05-24-2007)

scott ( says:
I can think of a worse coverer of "Hip" songs...
Frank Sinatra. The worst ever. One simply must
listen to "Just the way you are", for starters,
to realize how up-hip old blue eyes could sound.
And all the beatles covers he did were stinkers
beyond belief. They all deserve to rest on the same slag heap Jimmy Hoffa is buried beneath... (04-21-2007)

Kent50 ( says:
Would someone please, kindly please, post the song "Live for Life" up there along with Eleanor Rigby??

It would be such a gift... pretty please? (04-14-2007)

prince albert says:
My Dad (being Tony's greatest fan) played this album continually throughout my childhood (some of the tracks even made me weep with emotion) it obviously had a massive effect on me I am probably his second greatest fan! If only I could get hold of this album on compact disc I would pay any price! (03-27-2007)

Jon ( says:
My dad has this album and I love it - BECAUSE it's cheesy! 'Here, There and Everywhere' is my personal favourite. Thank you, Frank, for preserving it on the net into the 21st century. (03-25-2007)

Julia ( says:
Dear God! Come back, William Shatner, all is forgiven...Does anyone know a worse cover of "Eleanor Rigby"? (03-01-2007)

Tony Fan says:
Eleanor Rigby is hilarious! LOL (01-15-2007)

Richard ( says:
Only goes to show even the fabulous Tony can get 'things' wrong.
Always knew he was human. (11-04-2006)

Kent50 ( says:
My most favorite of all Tony Bennett songs is "Live For Life" its on this album! but the others songs are awful! Will someone record this one song on a cd ??? How can one of his best songs be sooooo unreachable !!! (10-15-2006)

steve ( says:
Help! Please somebody help me. I need the lyrics for the last song listed on this album,(Here)I've spent so much time trying to get these lyrics. Again, someone please send me the lyrics. Thank you. (08-29-2006)

john sharples ( says:
Bloody Hell!
Bloody Frigging Hell!
Eleanor rigby is probably glad that she never grew up.
After I hearing this, I wish I'd never been born! (07-03-2006)

L'Incohérent ( says:
Fabulous Vérigoud' (01-09-2006)

Quarex ( says:
Considering I spent months tracking down this album, not for its comedy value but for the magnificence of his cover of "Live for Life," it is safe to say this album is hardly ALL bad.

However, hoo boy ... is that ever a horrific Shatneresque delivery on "Eleanor Rigby" (before Shatneresque existed, no less!). (11-14-2005)

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