Tony Sings the Great Hits of Today

Eleanor Rigby, Little Green Apples, Something, and more, done Tony Bennett style.

You thought Tony Bennett was cool just because he's got a video on MTV. Here's what Tony was doing back in 1969, when his career wasn't in such good shape -- covering Beatles tunes and trying his best to appeal to the younger generation.

On "Tony Sings the Great Hits of Today", we find covers of such staples as Something, Little Green Apples and Here, There and Everywhere, along with a knockout reading of Eleanor Rigby that's guaranteed to floor you with disbelief (especially if you listen to it while viewing the hip psychedelic painting of Tony shown here).

It's safe to say that Tony doesn't regard this album as his best work. A 1990 article in The Atlantic titled The Real Stuff quotes him as expressing his disgust with doing "contemporary" tunes, likening it to that of his seamstress mother when she was forced to work on a cheap dress. Fortunately, the Vinyl Museum saved at least one copy from the dustbin.

Tony Sings the Great Hits of Today
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Eleanor Rigby (MP3) "Sing" doesn't really describe the way Tony navigates this tune -- "Butcher" might be a more accurate verb. Give it a listen.
Here, There and Everywhere (MP3) Tony and friends turn this light Beatles tune into a full-swing big-band extravaganza.

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Dan Shepard ( says:
Glad to see this gem on your website; this lp is a must have for all strange audiophiles. Repeated listenings reveal deeper layers of inspiration and ineptness. Obviously it took the record industry some time to recover from the 60's. One more example of soeone trying too hard to be hip. (01-06-1999)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
Oh yes, Tony is THE MAN!!! Something about that voice makes me cream in my jeans! He's SO fabulous! Damn, Tony is so fine, I wanna sample his Italian Sausage! Excuse me, my asylum has the electrodes ready. (11-08-1998)

Greg Vegas ( says:
This record was a favorite on my pre-lounge radio show "Siezures Palace" on WXCI fm (91.7) in Connecticut about 5 years ago. We did a block of all Beatles covers, Eleanor Rigby was one of the most requested - along with Babs version of Beatles songs. (10-02-1998)

Titus Groan says:
Hey, at least Tony didn't cut a disco album, as Ethel Merman did. And I can listen to his latest CDs like "Here's to the Ladies" and "On Holiday" without vomiting. (09-23-1998)

Chris Cook ( says:
This record is even better than it looks (if that were, in fact, possible!). I found a copy awhile back in near pefect conditions and now keep it in a safe ... the only disappointment -- and an acute one at that -- is that he sings just the slow-passage theme from MacArthur Park ... no "striped pair of pants," no "cake out in the rain." Sigh. (09-09-1997)

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