Claude Denjean demonstrates his Moog skills on this Phase 4 Stereo Spectacular.

Some guys take a traditional record, throw in a few notes from their Moog Synthesizer, and call it a Moog album. Not Claude Denjean. The Moog takes center stage in this 1970 London Records release, in all its raw beauty.

Electronic music never quite "made it" into mainstream culture -- that's probably because it took so much work to produce these albums. For all its wizardry, the mainframe-sized Moog could only produce one sound at a time. Artists like Claude Denjean recorded track after track, probably sitting up late into the night hunched over Moog keyboards and sixteen-track tape machines.

Sounds like these might seem ordinary in today's world of digital sound manipulation, but I try to imagine how radical and exciting the Moog must have seemed in the 60's and 70's before everyone had MIDI cards and polyphonic Korg synthesizers.

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Proud Mary (MP3) You can almost hear the Moog mouthing the words... wah weft wha wha whob whin wha whitty... ok maybe not.
Sugar, Sugar (MP3) Claude knows how to make your life so sweet... yeah!
Venus (MP3) A heavy-handed Moog version of the classic tune.

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Your Comments:

alisa>B> ( says:
i want to hear the whole song Ravel's Bolero. i cant find it complete anywhere and i want to hear it before i buy it. (08-19-2006)

Robin Janz ( says:
I am looking for an album called Moog Power Phase 4 for my Dad. If anyone has any information could you please email me, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Robin (07-20-2006)

Dwayne ( says:
I actually had the 'add on' phase 4 magic box that split out the signal and made this album 'Quad'. I bought it not realizing it required RCA jacks (I was listening to this on a mono record player, and I had to put a nickel on the needle to stop it if from skipping).

I think I was 8 or 9 at the time. (04-24-2006)

L'Incohérent Mulhouse/France says:
It's Amazing!
Absolutely Compatible Stéréo/ Mono Phase 4...
BSA Extra Piste/ Power-Track...
I have a LP de Maurice Vittenet (Style Violent-Jerk Accordion) with a Power-Cover "Sugar Sugar"...

Recommanded! (04-18-2006)

Laura M ( says:
Desperately seekin Criss Cross 'In a Classical Moog' (Barclay, 1973). My dad has lost his tape from years ago. Willing to pay a good price, would love to see my dad's face if I could locate this for him in any format. Have searched, and searched, online! Many thanks. (04-14-2006)

Bob ( says:
Found a nearly new copy in my father's LP collection after he died. Thought I'd give it a spin since the songs are from my era. Come Together really caught me. A great rendition. So I'm ripping it all to CDR for posterity. Feel free to get in touch if you care to discuss. rpg (03-06-2006)

Tim Corfield ( says:
I contacted a couple of companies about releasing old vinyls on CD, but met with very little success.
However, one company sent me a couple of CD versions of old Moog albums as a courtesy.
I have suggested that they release them commercially due to the renewed interest. (03-05-2006)

keith gosling ( says:
i have a copy on cass if any one would like it
decca phase 4 stereo moog !claude denjean it still plays thats of course if you have a tape player hope to here from some body soon many thanks keith (01-16-2006)

Rudolf Serkin says:
State-of-the-art, for the era, keyboard sounding little better than a Farfisa combo organ? And such soft, sloppy drumming! Ptoohey!! I spit on this album!!! (12-27-2005)

Tom says:
I had this album on vinyl a number of years back. I can kick myself because I don't know what I did with it. I'll keep my eyes open for it maybe somebody on this website might know. I'll also check e-bay. Worth getting......again. (11-30-2005)

Dj.CoZ says:
I am at this moment passing the LP to CD
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss him good Bye
sugar sugar
nights in white satin
raindrops keep
house of the rising sun
everybody's talkin
and so on ...... (11-06-2005)

Simon says:
I've got this on vinyl and an original tape my Dad bought on release; the sound of my youth, when it was the sound of the future. I've just found an mp3 version on Soulseek. Yay! Trivia, Knightmares on wax used the bassline from Denjean's version of 'Na na hey hey' in their remix of the Sabres of Paradise's Bubble and Slide. Thought you might want to know... (10-02-2005)

Paul ( says:
I found this LP at a garage sale.. Unfortunately, its warped badly and I can only listen to a few songs. Anyone know of anywhere online I can download the entire album? I am dying to hear it. His heavy version of "House of the rising sun" is too cool. (09-20-2005)

Roger Franks ( says:
Had this album, one of the first in STEREO, to play on our bran new radiogram in the 60s. Not a stereo machine, had to wait few years to hear it in all its glory. I've misplaced my copy, sure my mum or brother has it hidden somewhere. Any for sale anywhere????
Thanks for the three sound clips - great to hear them again. Good listening (09-08-2005)

Aldi says:
This LP is one of my all-time favorites. I own 5 or 6 copies at least. I can't help buying every decent copy I find, just in case it sounds better than my best copy! (08-22-2005)

Jean-Paul ( says:
Je suis à la recherche de L'albume MOOG de Claude Denjean, en version CD si possible. Si vous l'avé j'aimerais beaucoup en avoir une copie, ou , savoir où je peu me le procuré. Je suis du Québec.
Merci à l'acance (08-20-2005)

cristian iporre ( says:
I grow up with this record. I love it from the first note to the last bleep. how can i found in CD format


Martin Leal ( says:
como puedo conseguir en CD la recopilacion de "moog" Claude Denjean and the Moog Synthesizer.


Martin Leal (06-28-2005)

gio ( says:
I grow up with this record. I love it from the first note to the last bleep :)
It's not Wendy Carlos (or Walter if you prefer), nevertheless the album is strong and refreshing.
I had allways a special love for such examples of music recording. Drums, guitars, basses sounds great, dry and so '70.. the Moog complete the dish with unpredictable sparkling flawors.


Pardon Me While I Rock You says:
You can tell they were excited about this one. Not just "Moog", but "MOOG!" This LP was followed by the less successful "HARPSICHORD!" and the somewhat embarrassing "OCARINA!" and "JEW'S HARP!" (04-08-2005)

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