Claude Denjean demonstrates his Moog skills on this Phase 4 Stereo Spectacular.

Some guys take a traditional record, throw in a few notes from their Moog Synthesizer, and call it a Moog album. Not Claude Denjean. The Moog takes center stage in this 1970 London Records release, in all its raw beauty.

Electronic music never quite "made it" into mainstream culture -- that's probably because it took so much work to produce these albums. For all its wizardry, the mainframe-sized Moog could only produce one sound at a time. Artists like Claude Denjean recorded track after track, probably sitting up late into the night hunched over Moog keyboards and sixteen-track tape machines.

Sounds like these might seem ordinary in today's world of digital sound manipulation, but I try to imagine how radical and exciting the Moog must have seemed in the 60's and 70's before everyone had MIDI cards and polyphonic Korg synthesizers.

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Proud Mary (MP3) You can almost hear the Moog mouthing the words... wah weft wha wha whob whin wha whitty... ok maybe not.
Sugar, Sugar (MP3) Claude knows how to make your life so sweet... yeah!
Venus (MP3) A heavy-handed Moog version of the classic tune.

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mark ( says:
hey all - i do a web cast radio show, sundays, 6-9pm. my show is called Moog Power. I play electronic pop, electronic rock, and electronic whatever of all styles and decades, but this sunday i'm going all out with nothing but moog/synth classics. you can hear the show at


criss m ( says:
im interested on trading moog music style on mp3s!!!!!!!! i have a lot of stuff !!!

:::P (08-31-2001)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. It's the way I do business: Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (08-06-2001)

Lionel Russell ( says:
I cannot believe that I have found a web site that actually lists this album. I had this album on tape as a kid and I played it to death. If anyone is able to let me know where I could get a copy of it or better yet are able to rip it to MP3 I would be eternally greatful. I just made my wife sit and listen to the sample tracks. She now thinks that I am quite deranged. (08-01-2001)

moogyboy ( says:
Judging from these three cuts, this is one of the better Moog albums. Denjean does some pretty cool stuff with his synth here, plus great grooves from his drummer and bass player (or is that the Moog too?). One could do much worse than this: three albums that belong in Frank's gallery are Christopher Scott's two "Switched-On Bacharach" albums on Decca, and "The Unusual Classical Synthesizer" by Mike Hankinson and his EMS VCS3 synth on Westminster Gold/ABC. (07-17-2001)

Blighty says:
This album was number 5 in Mike D's (Beastie Boys) Top Ten Moog Albums. I like the version of 'Nights In White Satin' best. Very chilled. You can get blunted on that shit. (07-15-2001)

The Lone Beatnik ( says:
Ok, we all know that the moog synth was and is a revolutionary instrument that changed the face of popular music as we know it. These albums seem almost like propaganda. All-moog albums are becoming more boring upon repeated listenings. (06-15-2001)

mc iedh says:
the warm moog sounds through out proud mary must've seemed truly alien to the ears during that
time period (05-21-2001)


Sammy Reed says:
This past Saturday morning, I went to a flea market and I bought an album by a man named Gil Trythall called "Nashville Gold:Switched on Moog". That's right, folks - a country moog album! All but one of the songs are versions of such songs as "Witchita Lineman", "King of the Road", even the Martha White song from "Grand Ole Opry". The one original on the album, "Nashville Moog", has to be heard to be believed, and you still won't believe it. "You don't happen to have a fuse on ya, duh ye?" (05-16-2000)

Jim L says:
I have a record of moog music called " everything you wanted to hear on the moog but where afraid to ask " mostly clasical but a real trip . after all moog genators were the great grand daddy of that casio keyboard in your den or living room.( the moog machine on the slimfast diet ) :LOL love the site.I also found a kewl site all about the moog generators ( generation 1,2 ) I'll look up the site address and get back to you on it . (04-28-2000)

SueBri says:
Wow...when I was ...well when I was was young I had this album..I have been looking since....for real music...when I was ...well young I had this album...whoa I already said that didnt I...heehee..hmmm...something not right about this album...could it be....ELECTRONIC ?? really is good music..wont hurt you at all...when I was...welll..when I was..I had this album..did I say tha already? this electronic?.....whoaaaa....when I was...whoops...where is my 9 volt battery anyway...time to stick my tounge to it...where was I...when I was............ (04-23-2000)

revmartin ( says:
Just when you thought you've seen it all... The web connects so many people together. I can't believe that there is a community of people out there that spend so much time and energy looking for obnoxious "moog" recordings. I guess it's better than finding ways to kill each other, although some of this is music to commit suicide to... (04-21-2000)

Mr. Eddy ( says:
I just purchased mint copies of the original pressings of Morton Subotnick's "Silver Apples of the Moon" and "The Wild Bull" for $1 CAD each. That's roughly $0.70 USD each for vintage mint vinyl. Not bad at all if I do say so myself! (04-21-2000)

Mike ( says:
I found a copy of 'Go Moog !' recently and it is absolutely amazing. It treats you to 'Mouldy Old Dough', 'Wig Wam Bam' 'Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep' and - Lord have Mercy - 'Morning Has broken', all on one side. Must find more Moog records ... (04-13-2000)

juz ( says:
i have fantastic collection of original moog vinyl,all the faves of course and some really rare things such as moogie woogie by the zeet band are there any more? also i just melt over ananda shankar,i have a thrashed copy of his debut lp ,sitars and moog go down so well!any moog fans or bizarre vinyl fans want to exchange info or just email most welcome !!! (03-05-2000)

Claude Rorabaugh ( says:
Claude Denjeans album was such a hit on Seattle easy listening stations in the early 70's. Also Enoch Light Permissive Polyphonics ruled! Have Quad versions of both. Light's Bongos, Flutes and Guitars from the early 60's is very rare. My folks their their LP, does anyone have it? (02-08-2000)

Mr. Eddy ( says:
I have "Moog!" and "Open Circuit", both original pressings. I also have most of Walter/Wendy Carlos's late sixties and early seventies stuff. A friend also has Denjean's "Moods" album as well as "Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog (but were afraid to ask)" and most of Tomita's albums from the seventies. Definitely great stuff! I just wish I hadn't parted with my Perrey & Kingsley albums. My friend and I once had a monstrous Moog collection, but many of the albums have disappeared over the years. I even had a chance to obtain "Silver Apples of the Moon" by Morton Subotnick on vinyl, but decided to tape it instead. I wish I could have that one over. (08-21-1999)

Roger Gadd ( says:
Just bought an old copy of the Claude Denjean Moog album to add to my collection of moog records. I'm not parting with my copy of The Moog Strikes Bach. Also just bought a CD which includes Perry-Kingsley's In Sound From Way Out, and most of Kaleidoscopic Vibrations. I can't understand why Vangard Records left off the last track and replaced it with something from Moog Indigo. If anyone in New Zealand wants to part with any moog records, regardless of condition please get in contact. (07-29-1999)

David Kelly ( says:
I don't believe this! I was just minutes ago listening to a tape (that was recorded years ago in the early 70s) of Claude Denjean, and it was this album! It's fantastic!!! Now can you get it on C.D.? I hope so! (07-13-1999)

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