Claude Denjean demonstrates his Moog skills on this Phase 4 Stereo Spectacular.

Some guys take a traditional record, throw in a few notes from their Moog Synthesizer, and call it a Moog album. Not Claude Denjean. The Moog takes center stage in this 1970 London Records release, in all its raw beauty.

Electronic music never quite "made it" into mainstream culture -- that's probably because it took so much work to produce these albums. For all its wizardry, the mainframe-sized Moog could only produce one sound at a time. Artists like Claude Denjean recorded track after track, probably sitting up late into the night hunched over Moog keyboards and sixteen-track tape machines.

Sounds like these might seem ordinary in today's world of digital sound manipulation, but I try to imagine how radical and exciting the Moog must have seemed in the 60's and 70's before everyone had MIDI cards and polyphonic Korg synthesizers.

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Proud Mary (MP3) You can almost hear the Moog mouthing the words... wah weft wha wha whob whin wha whitty... ok maybe not.
Sugar, Sugar (MP3) Claude knows how to make your life so sweet... yeah!
Venus (MP3) A heavy-handed Moog version of the classic tune.

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Your Comments:

Sid ( says:
I have several Moog albums- Open Circuit by Claude Denjean, Switched On Bach by Walter Carlos, and Snowflakes Are Dancing by Tomita. Evidently Moog CD's are a rarity, anybody think of contacting the original conductors, and ask them if they can remaster these on cd's. (11-03-1997)

Marcus Fritiofsson ( says:
Can anyone tell me something about other moog-artists who has records out on CD. The Denjean album thatīs pictured on top of the page is marvelous, has it been released on CD? (11-02-1997)

David Schafer ( says:
Denjean has yet another moog lp called moods and is softer than his first two. Very few moog records are available on CD, a few of Perrey, Denny, Astro Sounds and now Dick Hyman. I just favorably reviewed the new Moog Cookbook CD called Ye Olde Moog for Cool and Strange Music Magazine, the CD is out and the mag will be out soon. I collect moog records and if anyone looking at this wants to unload some moog records please email me at (10-23-1997)

Mike says:
I have a collection of the early moog records. If anyone knows where I can get these on CD's, please leave message here. Thanx!!!! (10-10-1997)

skye cassidy says:
I have this album, I bought it a couple of years ago from some hill billy second hand furniture barn. I don't know what I can say about this but it is mighty amusing. My favourite track is "Lay Lady Lay" (also memorably covered by Ministry". Also on a note of Moog related trivia: I once knew a boy who said I reminded him of "Strawberry Fields Forever" on an old Moog album he had! I think it was a compliment. (10-10-1997)

Marcus Fritiofsson says:
Iīve just finished listening to an album by Claude Denjean that my father bought about 25 years ago ( the album itself is from 71). Since itīs totally awesome I jus wonder if anyone knows if there are any albums available on CD with Denjean. (09-06-1997)

Ben P ( says:
I just heard a fantastic album called the Moog Cookbook featuring (none other than) a plethera of moog equiptment and a buncha guys getting really funky with themselves. If you helped make that album and you are reading this, I'd just like to say thank you..."Thank You Moog Cookbook." (06-15-1997)

Ross Harris says:
Claude Denjean has a second moog out on Phase4 called open circuit. Funky Al Green and Ennio Moriconne covers but all together not as spectacular as MOOg. You cant beat that bass break on "na na na ,hey hey , Goodbye" The French were the Moog masters. Pierre Henry, Jean Jauque Perry, My man Claude here. Could some Switched On Gainsbourg be too much to ask? (05-26-1997)

Alvin ( says:
I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and I am looking for a moog. I want a moog! I am looking to spend about $1000 Canadian or a little more.... Please contact me if you have one and you live near me.... (05-21-1997)

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