Polka Disco

Enough said!

Possibly the two most hated words in music -- brought together for the first (and probably the last) time on this 1979 release from Jimmy Sturr and his orchestra. As if to add insult to injury, this record contains not one but two discs of the stuff -- 20 tracks in all. Maybe they recorded one track for every single person who wanted to see this album made.

Polka Disco
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Beer Barrel Polka (Real Audio) Roll out the barrel, and we'll have a barrel of fun.

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70s80s ( says:
Can someone send me and mp3 of the Disco "Roll Out the Barrel" please? Thanks! ;) (11-10-2009)

Zimt ( says:
Hello Polkafriends and fans,
the Austrian group „doTTer and zimT“ wrote also a Polka.
The name: „Little Men in The Woods“
A very, very long free hearing sample is here:
What still?
Ah, if a group wants to play up this song or make a CD with it, we send the full score free with e-mail. (08-17-2009)

Edmund Berven ( says:
Hello Frank,

Could you please correct the URL of my website to It now says


Eddie (09-19-2007)

Edmund Berven ( says:
My website is now up and running:

You can hear my version of Disco Polka at that location and soon many other contributions. Enjoy! (08-25-2007)

Edmund Berven ( says:
How Funny! I released a Disco Polka record in 1979 as well. I called mine DISCA. It was a medley of "In Heaven There is No Beer", "She's Too Fat For Me" and "The Beer Barrell Polka." It was recorded in Omaha at Sound Recorders Studio with members of Mannheim Steamrollers and Sonny Firmature (Harry James Band Tenor Sax man). Youi'll be able to hear my Great recording soon on my new WEBSITE (now under construction): Funnier yet is the fact that my Mother and Myron Floren are long-time friends. Myron peeled potatoes and my Mother baked bread as they worked their way through Augustana College in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I had no idea until I visited your website that both Myron and I did a Disco Polka record. (07-28-2007)

Patriech Haerbaer ( says:
Where was the polka? i heard no polka, my freinds and I we play the Death Polka, is lik the metal, with polka in the background. was good song time. jah, and i like the song polka disco, but i miss the poolka. (04-16-2007)

Karl Schmid ( says:
This is freakin' awesome! I love it! I mean, i'm a person who loves polka, so i listen to the Beer Barrel Polka on a regular basis. I never thought i'd hear a disco version.

AWESOME! (03-27-2007)

Dick Small says:
I still have my copy. I play it EVERY day. (02-22-2007)

Marian Dembny ( says:
Does anyone know anything about the concert pianist Bob Smale- I think his techniques on playing the piano are great. Would like to know more about him and his background. Can anyone out there help me??? (12-11-2006)

David Faltskog says:
The Internut is AWESOME DUDE!! where else could i hear a polka disco version of Roll out the barrel! my life is now complete...Great site keep up the good work! (11-18-2006)

maria flores ( says:
since i came to this country and heard polka music i fall in love to this beautifull music. i just love polka music. thank you (06-27-2006)

Copy Watcher says:
The Sturr tradition of copying others works never ceases to amaze me. Obviously he's been doing it longer than any other polka artist. Sturr's release this April is mostly Myron Floren and Welk tunes. That's about 30 stong years that Sturr has under his belt using other peoples music. Pleeze! (06-12-2006)

Lia Giordano ( says:
This album is a masterpiece. (04-19-2006)

Gerald R. Reeves says:
This is the worse album I've ever heard. Myron Floren's Disco album is the best. Jimmy Sturr isn't all that good performing polka music, even today. The Grammys mean nothing! (04-06-2006)

Meteor-man says:
I couldn't quite feel the polka in this song. I could smell the cheese though.

Danish Tommy Seebach succesfully fused the Disco and the Tango in his big European hit "Disco Tango". He contributed with this song in Eurovision Song Contest 1979. (03-02-2006)

John N. Steed says:
Polka Disco music lives! 100% better than the twangy wangy "my baby done left me" country-style polkas. I play polka disco music every month on my show. My audience loves it, especially Myron Floren's style of disco. There's been three other albums of polka disco music. (01-08-2006)

Innocent-Lil-Doggie says:
Hold on a second!!! Believe it or not there is a shocking factual error on this page... while i do not doubt that this was the last ever attempt and one of the worst musical fusions ever (with the exception of "techno remixes of traditional Bulgarian music), it was not the first! In 1977, The famed accordian player Myron Floren released "Disco Polka." let me also mention that i own that record and that this album is easy listening compared to Myron's take on such a subject. I recieved the record when my Aunt died, unfortunately, this was definitely one of the few great finds in what was largely christian crap... anyway, if you are genuinely interested, (which you should be), copy and paste the URL below. down at the bottom of the page you'll find it, an MP3 of what i figure would be the single (yeah right) off this album. the synth line and keyboarding are truly mindblowing in combination with the accordian, check it out... (09-28-2005)

hannibal ( says:
the existence of a record like this makes me wonder if the Big Bang was a mistake (06-07-2005)

I fail to see why people put polka and/or disco down. It SUPPOSE to be a fun and carefree music to dance to. It's not meant to contemplate the universe, it's to forget it for 2 or 3 minutes. This track is wonderful. It's very dancable and straight forward. Makes me happy. (05-13-2005)

mike o ( says:
I am just quite pleased to have these songs on the internet that I show my niece and nephew and they go off the hook listening . Having it sent from me thanks LOT FOR EVERYTHING M.O. (03-26-2005)

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