Polka Disco

Enough said!

Possibly the two most hated words in music -- brought together for the first (and probably the last) time on this 1979 release from Jimmy Sturr and his orchestra. As if to add insult to injury, this record contains not one but two discs of the stuff -- 20 tracks in all. Maybe they recorded one track for every single person who wanted to see this album made.

Polka Disco
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Beer Barrel Polka (Real Audio) Roll out the barrel, and we'll have a barrel of fun.

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the Dancingbeer meister ( says:
Who said you couldn't dance&chug at the same time. (05-28-2003)

Dean says:
There was tons of stuff like this in the late 70s, even "country disco". The weirdest I remember was a disco version of the life of Jesus. I never heard it but I remember seeing it in a record store and wondering what it sounded like. I think maybe it was just narration and actors' voices over that ubiquitous late 70s metronomic disco beat. Hey, Frank la Rosa! Try ta find that one if ya can! (05-27-2003)

Satanic_Aimee says:
Kip, I was never aware that there was such a thing as pop music in the 1890s. You are indeed a true scholar. (05-26-2003)

BILL BOY ( says:
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! (04-18-2003)

jason says:
The title is good enough...
waiting for the accordion...this is more disco than polka...
...oh my god...would love to play this for invalid grandmas and videotape them not understanding it...hanging their heads and mumbling...sick but a funny concept nonetheless...

love the slap bass discofunk...and the conga solo...didn't know polish guys liked conga... (03-26-2003)

Spirit of Braniff, PanAm, TWA ( says:
Sounds like a horrid game show!!!! (03-16-2003)

Sammy Reed says:
I don't know about the entire album, but that one song doesn't sound like polka. Yes, It's a disco version of a polka song, but when you see the name "Polka Disco", you expect a mix between the 2 styles. Of course, mixing those 2 styles together is an impossibility, but... (01-12-2003)

Kip Williams says:
Excellent site. I just want to add that Myron Floren's album of Disco Polka (copyright 1977) includes Beer Barrel Polka, Clarinet Polka, and the immortal Laughing Polka, as well as some double-crossover cuts, such as "The Cotton-Eyed Joe Disco Polka" (disco + polka + country), "Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie" (disco + polka + 1890s pop), "The Double Eagle Disco Polka" (disco + polka + marching) and the hat trick, "Lover's Concerto" (disco + polka + pop version of a 'Bach' piece that Bach probably didn't write). The cover photo is by Harry Langdon Photography, which helps bring in that coveted "silent movie fan" demographic, perhaps. (01-12-2003)

Mark Chaet ( says:
I am so happy to have found this site! Beer Barrel Polka a la disco makes me smile big time. Just don't let the horrible music meisters who teach aerobics at my gym know about it. (01-05-2003)

John Michaelson says:
Polka? This ain't polka. It sounds like the music from CHiPs. (12-29-2002)

bob ( says:
Frank! Why coudn't you let us live in blissful ignorance! This exhibit proves that the end of the world is near. (12-29-2002)

I LOVE MR T. aka CHEEZ says:
mr t is awesome....... if u wanna know a cool mr t site check out........... its really cool and about polka disco....... SOMEONE SHOOT ME this really sux, its like smelling farts all day long! (its just really bad lets put it that way) try something new listen to CLASSICAL RAP!! (10-27-2002)

Buck Satan says:
Please. Kill me now. (10-18-2002)

gannymede says:
This piece of surrealism would almost certainly be useful in your neighbohood torture chamber. I know I'd confess to the kennedy asassination if I had to listen to any more of it! (10-12-2002)

Daredevil6 ( says:
Hell exists. I wasn't certain until this very moment, but you can bet your ass it does. Since 1979. (08-09-2002)

Exteam says:
EVEL IS THE MAN! (07-16-2002)

Linn ( says:
To Eddie Kish: That's Goodwill, all one word! Obviously you haven't really been there in a long time. (02-02-2002)

Ron Burns ( says:
I have this album. I am willing to sell to best offerer. I have just about all the albums listed on this site. My contact information is included. It's the way I do business: Ron Burns 550 CHILDS DR MILTON,ONTARIO,CANADA L9T 3P3 1-(905)-876-3245 (08-06-2001)

Groganfurher says:
HAHAHAHA it's like the NAzis won WWII but nothing else changed !LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! (07-25-2001)

Eric ( says:
You call this polka? Where's the accordions? Jimmy Sturr is the king of this crap, by the way. Just useless info for you. (07-01-2001)

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