Polka Disco

Enough said!

Possibly the two most hated words in music -- brought together for the first (and probably the last) time on this 1979 release from Jimmy Sturr and his orchestra. As if to add insult to injury, this record contains not one but two discs of the stuff -- 20 tracks in all. Maybe they recorded one track for every single person who wanted to see this album made.

Polka Disco
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Beer Barrel Polka (Real Audio) Roll out the barrel, and we'll have a barrel of fun.

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Your Comments:

BOB BOBBIT (Higgledy figgledy@higgleypoo) says:
Disco Rules! How dare you give such an insult to disco! Disco lives! RRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHH! (06-03-1998)

shut up you hypocrites says:
For all of you who have dissed this site and made fun of the creator for wasting their time, well then what are YOU doing here "wasting your time" and posting messages? (05-31-1998)

person says:
hey, I must admit that i've never heard of polka disco, but sounds great to me! where can I get more sound clips or the cd? (05-31-1998)

The Orange Shag Singers ( says:
Hey, you got your disco in my polka! You got your polka in my disco.... (05-29-1998)

leslie says:
When me and my friends saw this we laughed so hard we fell on the ground in pain. We could find something better in a toilet. got to much time on your hands puting up something this retarted. (05-14-1998)

Rob Michalchuk ( says:
Jimmy Sturr just remains as one of the worlds greatest hidden talents and he knew it by puting out 20 boss tracks of rawkin' Disco Polka... Who else would have the guts? This record just made all of the executives of the major labels all jelouse. (By the way if anyone atemps to do this again I hope their head gets squished in their accordion.) (05-04-1998)

Nathan says:
It fucking sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do us a favor and get rid of this page!!!!!!!!!!!!1 (04-24-1998)

SUGAR says:
YOU BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (04-21-1998)

Ted&Jackie ( says:
I like all kinds of music - as long as it's got a beat. Hey, I'm getting up there in age, and your webs a challenge to explore and have some fun. Would you say that is wrong? Keep it up - music is the spirit of the soul & those that don't like it, well, see if you can do better OK. Thanks for the lift & I didn't have to download anything to hear it. (04-18-1998)

Myron Florin says:
Ah one ana two (04-15-1998)

Zeekle says:
Great page.. nothin' like a bit of drivel shite to amuse and entertain.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!.... (04-03-1998)

Mr. Polco says:
Polka and disco is probably the greatest invention since peanut butter and jelly. (03-31-1998)

m says:
bf (goodwrench) you suck (03-31-1998)

Guest says:
hi (03-30-1998)

bf good rench says:
your page sucks (03-30-1998)

derrick raynes says:
yallllllll suck (03-26-1998)

Bill Beckett ( says:
Ever notice how much Polka music sounds like Ska? Just thought I'd ask... Your site rules! (03-20-1998)

The Funkapotamus says:
This is not music... It is an expresion of LIFE! (03-17-1998)

Brandon ( says:
Disco rocks. Polka sucks. The end (03-12-1998)

Droopy Drawers says:
This really scares me! I finally got over my 8-track tape fetish and now this comes backs to haunt me. The Government is behind this! This album will be sent to all those who didn't pay their taxes. Quite possibly worse than going to jail! I have to go now, my asylum awaits for me! (02-28-1998)

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