Ray Bloch Singers: Hits of '69

Another low-budget label cashes in on psychedelia.

Ambassador Records' Hits of '69 with the Ray Bloch Singers is another low-budget ripoff LP that has to leave you wondering what the record executives of the time were thinking. On the outside, we have every attempt to mimic the psychedelic style of groups like Vanilla Fudge or the Greatful Dead. On the inside, we get ten tracks worth of elevator music with that stylistic alternation between deep-male voices and high-female voices that seemed to be all the rage in the "adult contemorary" genre of the time.

Ray Bloch and Ed Sullivan I can't imagine who bought this record. Any teenager with an ounce of hipness wouldn't have been able to stomach eight seconds of the Ray Bloch singers or the sappy tunes they picked for this album (Worst That Can Happen, This Magic Moment, Both Sides Now). Yet their parents, for whom the music was apparently intended, certainly weren't about to buy an album with cover art like this. (Maybe the album didn't sell very well at all, and that's why it ended up in the thrift store record bin where I found it).

In any case, I enjoyed both the album cover and the disc, but my taste in music isn't generally something that represents a good investment on the part of record companies. I suppose I should be thankful that there are enough boneheaded albums like this to keep me entertained. Thanks, Ambassador!

Ray Bloch Singers: Hits of '69
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Spinning Wheel (Real Audio) What goes up...
Everyday People (Real Audio) Different folks... different strokes. Makes perfect sense.

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The Lone Beatnik ( says:
No, what goes down, must come up. that's a reference to listening to this record after a meal, if you catch my drift. (06-17-2001)

marc carapiet ( says: you yanks really must relax a while, in scotland, amongst the wild haggis & brigadoon type hovels, there appeared, as if by magic,an easy listening club called 'Casino Royale'. the swinging cats who frequent this downtown glasgow, would kill for a copy of mr bloch's album! hey, do you guys always miss the point...or is sublety just a short term lease to you colonials!!! yours Kirk St Morritz DJ (08-16-2000)

SaltyOldFart says:
Thank christ I can't remember the sixties, this would have warped me for life. The only thing that was a hit, might have been the acid these cranks were doing. "Fair winds and a following sea" (12-22-1999)

Martin says:
If people think this version of "Spinning Wheel" sucks, they must look out the version by Mel and Dave. They start singing flat -and then get worse. Sort of weird anti-harmony. (08-30-1999)

Vynyl Junkie ( says:
Okay, I've sampled a generous amount of the soulless, elevatorized, white trashed R&B cuts you've chosen for your web site -- these guys get the official albino award for the whitest goddam POS I've ever heard! Excuse me, I've got to go listen to "Dictionary Of Soul" to cleanse myself! (07-21-1999)

Slythang says:
I think disco's cool, but this stuff gives it a bad name! (02-22-1999)

I hate myself says:
I hate myself. I can only thank Ray Bloch for this self-loathing I possess today. Thanks Ray! (02-20-1999)

Richard Boucher (HBLobster@AOL.COM) says:
Love it....would love to get some Mrs Miller music ...especially on CD....anyone know a source. Also Florence Foster Jenkins & Mrs. B.J. Fangman.... They're awful but fum.....especially to creat your own CD...with the picture & name of one of your (former) friends or relatives on the CD cover... Claiming that it's them singing... (08-12-1998)

A Blond Virgin says:
Oh, wait a minute! '69 was a year? What does the front seat of a car look like? (06-23-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
After listening to this album, I have a question to ask all of you out there in Internet land, Was Ray Bloch a dope for making this record, or was he ON dope when making this record. Being a bachelor, Does anyone know how to make meatballs? Please excuse me, my asylum, er,... I mean, kitchen awaits for me. (06-12-1998)

The Orange Shag Singers ( says:
This delightfully aged chunk of nastolgic fluff was the perfect compliment to my Cape Cod and Swiss cheese cubes...and it made my light organ go berzerk. (05-27-1998)

Rob Michalchuk ( says:
What the hell type of drugs cause people to even think if recording something like this? Must have been fun. (05-04-1998)

lenny ( says:
hope you get this (04-21-1998)

Yuro Budich ( says:
I have several episodes of "The Ed Sullivan Show" on VHS and by the middle 60's Mr. Bloch used to perform cheesy brass and strings arrengements "live" for every rock & Roll star who appeared on the show (even if they are singing with a playback).Good examples are "The Mamas and the Papas" (Creeque Alley), and "The Rolling Stones" (Have you seen your mother baby). Groovy cover but you forget one of the worst singers ever born in your list...Mrs. Elva Miller! Mrs. Miller was twice on Ed Sullivan ; imagine... Mrs. Miller + Ray Bloch = Television first duet of fright!! Yuro Budic (03-31-1998)

Dave ( says:
Great cover art, typical of the late 60's, I love it! However the should I put it...SUCKS! (03-22-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
sixty-nine, huh? It should be deep sixed! Please excuse me, my asylum awaits for me. (03-22-1998)

Joe Dora ( says:
Bummer, I just sold a copy of this, got tired of dragging it around from house to house. My folks owned it "my dad had to go through a groovy period". I was 10 at the time, I was fortunate that we had a lousy little GE wildcat record player that my dad used for parties. Guess it was a good time. Really came to visit your site to see how you were using Spinnaker and Searchlight Software. Haven't found anyone that is truely doing an ANSI telenet BBS. The links off Searchlights page haven't helped. I'll wander back to the Telegraphix home page a check out their links. It's hard when you still appreciate a Text interface. (01-03-1998)

rotnrobert ( says:
Frank, Real smooth page man, you did an excellent job! Thanks for the entertainment, and may the gods of time keep you insane. (06-14-1997)

charlie cancellieri ( says:
i was only 3 when this album came out thank god (05-30-1997)

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