Stoop Down Baby

Politically incorrect blues with Chick Willis.

Stoop Down Baby... Let Your Daddy See is quite possibly the single most offensive record I've ever seen. Going for laughs at a time when ribald sexist humor was somewhat more acceptable, bluesman Chick Willis devotes the entire first side of this album to a 21-minute rendition of the title track. Stoop Down Baby consists entirely of Willis making one degrading remark about the female genetalia after another, with a live (?) audience joining in at the end (the audience members having even less tact than Willis when it comes to shouting out the four-letter words).

The small "Some selections may not be suitable for airplay" warning on the back of the jacket is a considerable understatement for an album by the man who "tells the ladies to stoop down, then plays the guitar with his tongue". One wonders what Willis is doing now -- I find myself guessing he must have eventually met a woman who gave him a few things to "stoop down" about himself.

Stoop Down Baby
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Stoop Down, Baby! (Real Audio) The title track that goes on and on and on....

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Jevacat says:
I happened to notice that this is a "Collectables Records" release, I've seen a lot of their vinyl in my routine scavanging about town and they normally specialize in re-issues of popular music from eras long since dead. So this leads me to believe that they re-pressed this LP for some sinister purpose all there own. Maybe the time had come to reintroduce the iddylic master race of booty hungry bluesmen whose ancient vulva shaped space craft crashed into the swamplands of Louisiana so many long years ago. There they crouched in the darkness of the cyprus trees and gnashed their poon starved teeth and planned, and they plannned, and waited for the sign of the Boognish to release them from their thousand year wait and then TO RULE!!! Yes, soon all pathetic humankind will be made to "Stoop Down, Baby....and Let Your Daddy See"....let him see you grovel at the masterful feet of the Poon Men from Sector-7,, cool record, dude. (06-17-2001)

Chick's Bitch says:
I'm amazed you find Chick so disgusting! This kind of clean humor is purely wonderful compared to the infantile pig vomit released today! Also, note to Enrico -- I was the "bitch" that urinated on my man Chick. I just did it five minutes ago. (11-15-1999)

Lester(Wizard)King ( says:
I'd never played blues before I met Chick. He hired me as a back-up guitarist in the late 80's and I stayed with his revue until the early 90's. I never saw a crowd that didn't have a ball,when he sang "Stoop Down Baby",but I can tell you from personal experience,that Chick is a damn good guitarist and vocalist. He knows how to play to an audience,but will turn it up,if another guitarist wants to play him cheap. Chick never sat me down and taught me any guitar licks,but he unselfishly taught the whole band about the music world,from A to Z. He's the biggest reason that I'm still playing music. (And about his tongue! He probably didn't have to use it often. Hell,the only man in K.C.,hung better than Chick was me!) YOU'RE VERY SPECIAL CHICK!!!!! (08-10-1999)

enrico fermi says:
never will forget the show in copenhagen circa 1972 when chuck had one of his "bitches"- (his euphemism, not mine) to urinate on him during a guitar solo and he suffered a rather intense electrical shock. chuck, ever the trooper, finished the show. now THAT'S rock and roll. (03-25-1999)

a real parakeet says:
Chick and I were together in the 70's, we toured, mainly Europe, where his shit was well received. Chick was a progressive man who clearly had his mind set to the post-feminist era. I remember one night, after dropping a few drops of acid (kups of 'kool aid') when Chick gave a stunning rendition of the title track - playing his "one string" in front of a couple of prostitutes. Oh, those were the days. (02-20-1999)

right on paul says:
never heard of this guy before, so I turned on the tunes and enlarged the babe.....ooooooaaahhh what a babe..... cool web "site" (01-25-1999)

Ken Hall ( says:
I would love to have something to say about Stoop Down Baby, but when I click on the link it says the URL is INVALID. Where can I go to hear it? Thanx! (09-30-1998)

Bruno Gagné ( says:
Hey, In Montréal, I bought 30 singles (they were 3 for a buck) of Chick Willis with Jack you up/I want a big fat woman, I gave some to all of my friends. (08-12-1998)

Ginette (ginette says:
If you want to know what Chick is doing now check him out at: He just released a new album. Great songs. Good Blues. More mature!!! (06-27-1998)

Steve says:
The J. GEILS BAND song "Stoop Down #39" off of their Nightmares album (Atlantic Records) is 100 times better than this jive!! (06-26-1998)

haseeb says:
I THINK IT,S REALLY STOP................. (05-28-1998)

Guest says:
gabba diddle blop. (04-02-1998)

Sir Droopy Drawers says:
I heard that Chick Willis is now a Proctologist in California. I guess he has found a better use for his tongue. I guess he is now known as the "Bend Over Baby" man. (03-24-1998)

Adameleven ( says:
I love this website and would like to hear "Stoop Down Baby", but unfortunately I don't have Real Audio and don't want to spend fifty bucks for it! What are my options? (02-08-1998)

tim carbaugh ( says:

Jack T says:
Now I know where 2live Crew got there inspiration from. By the way, what ever happened to those guys? (01-23-1998)

mike says:
Frank, Frank, Frank, easy on ol' Chick. You know damn well if you could play the guitar with "your" tongue you'd be lookin' up girls skirts every chance you could get. (11-27-1997)

Underground Culture Vulture ( says:
Chick Willis sounded great to me. If that's him playing the guitar in the background I'd love to have him at one of my parties. Now if you really want to hear boringly gross Black humor you need to listen to "I Heard It At The Barber Shop !" by Al Sparks the "Funky Barber" on La Val records. (10-15-1997)

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