Stoop Down Baby

Politically incorrect blues with Chick Willis.

Stoop Down Baby... Let Your Daddy See is quite possibly the single most offensive record I've ever seen. Going for laughs at a time when ribald sexist humor was somewhat more acceptable, bluesman Chick Willis devotes the entire first side of this album to a 21-minute rendition of the title track. Stoop Down Baby consists entirely of Willis making one degrading remark about the female genetalia after another, with a live (?) audience joining in at the end (the audience members having even less tact than Willis when it comes to shouting out the four-letter words).

The small "Some selections may not be suitable for airplay" warning on the back of the jacket is a considerable understatement for an album by the man who "tells the ladies to stoop down, then plays the guitar with his tongue". One wonders what Willis is doing now -- I find myself guessing he must have eventually met a woman who gave him a few things to "stoop down" about himself.

Stoop Down Baby
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Stoop Down, Baby! (Real Audio) The title track that goes on and on and on....

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squantum ( says:
Looking real closely at the picture on the right, I think I see some hair! (05-27-2005)

Maalox ( says:
This may have been offensive in the 1960's, but it's got nothing on some of the stuff you hear today. And it's great music. (04-20-2005)

Michael Jackson says:
This is the most fun I had since I was fondling little boyz. (03-16-2005)

Lizette says:
Which album cover proves that a girl did not need thong panties to provide cheap thrills. (02-06-2005)

Chick-let says:
I had the pleasure of playing guitar for Chick Willis recently in Kansas City and have to say that I never laughed harder while playing the blues. (01-26-2005)

Ronda ( says:
I am a proud owner of this album and love it! (01-10-2005)

H. Turd Ferguson, genius ( says:
It seems suprising to me that the 70's didn't produce more music like this. It's really not anymore offensive than the hip-hop crap EVERYONE and their momma listens to today. Also, the chick on the album cover is hot. I loves the brown sugar. (11-24-2004)

stuck at work ( says:
In 1971, Chick recorded his first album, "Stoop Down Baby, Let Your Daddy See", which was released on La Val records out of Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1972. The self-penned "Stoop Down Baby, Let Your Daddy See" sold over three million copies, thus becoming Chick's biggest hit and among the top longest selling single ever. With the popularity of this song, people begain calling Chick "The Stoop Down Man". Which became his signature song. Today Chick is still known as "The Stoop Down Man". (It's even on his business card)

(11-18-2004) ( says:
phoney phoney phoney help me spell someone please! (11-14-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
Well, his name IS "Chick"! And he IS saying stoop down and not BEND OVER! Which is worse? You be the judge! (11-11-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! (10-28-2004)

dc8ray says:
Poor Chick,

So misunderstood, just like Yoko. (09-29-2004)

chick n shit says:
eyes think this shit is da bomb al ya-all mother foyers out dare thinks dat yours don't stink ur sumpin. eyes jus 1 thing ta say "stoop down on da wang" (07-25-2004)

frank judist says:
when i first herd stoop down baby, i yelled out what choo tawkin bou't willis! but then i thougt to myself this rendition of an off color blues tune is done all in fun . and fun it is,that is if you have the right sence of humur. if not don't listen!

Eric Utrecht ( says:
Athough not exactly a family oriented record then or now, Chick Willis' 1972 recording of "Stoop Down Baby" was more or less a minor hit with over 3 million records sold. So obviously some didn't take to offense to the raunchy lyrics within, viewing it as a novelty number. Originally released on La Val records (LVB1327), the LP also included "Mother Fuyer" a catchy track which Chick refers to being about some African animal refered as a fuyer in this case which is a mother. Though not for everyone, Chick Willis "Stoop Down" is an interesting blues listening experience and those who dig it shouldn't be condemned to being a degrading few as it is not extremely offsive. Anyone remember Andrew Dice Clay?. There's no comparision. Long live the "Stoop Down Man". -EU (06-30-2004)

jimi plays harp ( says:
i say mr. willis on feb 14 04. it was one of the best valintins day i ever had thank you sir...keep playing the blues (06-22-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
What the hell are you talking about, you stupid ASS?

"Stoop Down Baby So I Can See"??? Heard worse in my own house? You, my friend, are a DICK.

Willis should be arrested: that girl on the cover doesn't look older than about 16 years old.

They put Chuck Berry in prison for far less. (06-13-2004)

Me ( says:
All of you who are bad mouthing Chick Willis "The Stoop Down Man" you really, really need a life. I know you have worse things that are written in this song, AND you probably heard it in your own house.

Get Real, Chick Willis is where you all WANT TO BE !!!!!! (05-20-2004)

Peanut Head ( says:
Oh, yeah....stoop down an make yo' daddy see.

Do shit like dat 'round here, gets yo' ass arrested toot sweet, mofo!

Chuck shoulda saved hiss time by wearin' dem patent leather shoes wid da mirrors...DEN he don't hafta aks da bitch da stoop down...gets you a slap cross yer head real fast-like.

Chuck shoulda got JImmy Osmand ta play on de guitar fer awhile (Jimmy iss da bomb)...den Chuck can get on da floor and beaver shoot till he come in hiss pants...

Reminds me of da time when my dik was stuck in my....oops...gotta Mommy is callng me...bye... (04-20-2004)

Chick N. Shit says:
Dis iz Bahhhdd!! (02-03-2004)

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