Do The Hustle

Learn the latest dance craze with New York Hustle Inc.!

Want to do the Hustle? If you were lucky enough to live in New York or LA during the 70's, you might have had the opportunity to learn from a professional instructor and even visit a real discotheque. For the rest of the country, however, vinyl was the answer. Records like this (and there were dozens of them) brought the Hustle to dime stores and supermarkets everywhere.

I love this two-disc record from "New York Hustle Incorporated" because it's got everything you need: generic disco music, rambling dance instructions delivered by a pair of guys with almost comic New York accents, and plenty of photographs of happy couples in ridiculous 70's garb demonstrating the steps.

Can you really learn a dance from a record like this? I tried it a number of times, and could never get more than two or three minutes into the first track without everyone cracking up. Still, I can just see a teenager in Des Moines studying this record religiously in an attempt to become the next John Travolta. It probably worked, too.

Do The Hustle
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American Hustle (Real Audio) Is this how Travolta started?

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Your Comments:

DUDE~ ( says:
how do you do the hustle!
someone please tell me!
my family is retarded and doesn't know

Joaquin ( says:
I'd love to have this vynil record in CD or DVD :) (07-28-2006)

Desiree Rivera ( says:
I really need to learn the hustle. I'm from Yonkers New York. It's the new dance craze. Any suggestions for someone lost in Yonkers. I need a good dance instructor or school. Please email me. Subject line should read Hustle. Thank you in advance... :) (07-24-2006)

Dominick says:
All who want to learn the hustle just pick up your yellow pages and look up "dancing instruction" Most partner dance schools teach at least the basic, although the steps may vary a bit from studio to studio. The ads in the YP will include hustle in their dance list if they teach it. Good Luck (07-20-2006)

nick ( says:
does anybody know who sings thge hustle because i want it for my myspace? (07-15-2006)

The Hustle RoxXers!! ( says:
I Have forgotten numerous steps to it so if someone could send the mt ome it would be greatly appreciated (07-11-2006)

catlyn ( says: guys are some fly cats. (07-11-2006)

april ( says:
A good song to dance to the Hustle is "You dropped a bomb on me" by The Gap band. (07-04-2006)

peter rodriguez ( says:
looking for a good hustle dance school in orlando florida please send me some info if you have it thank you very much sincerel peter rodriguez. (06-30-2006)

Rush #1 says:
I saw a few people write kc and the sunshine band played the song "The Hustle." I do not know if they ever did, however, I thought it was Van McCoy that actually wrote and sang this song. Oh well. (06-09-2006)

Jackie says:
Hustling is the best! umm sometimes, in my room, i crank up the tune-age and i hustle in front of my mirror! Theres nothing better on a friday night! (06-09-2006)

paola ( says:
I love to do the hustle. Tv taught me to do it. i love dancing to it and other people join in. I can see y ppl did it back than. Its so much fun. my friends and I show videos on myspace on bogying down to the hustle.!! we love it!! (06-08-2006)

gareth says:
I love the hustle and I'm hustling at home at the moment. Anybody else enjoying a good hustle? (06-04-2006)

Liz ( says:
i am giving a presentation on dance and i need to teach the hustle. any instructions on how would be very appreciated (05-29-2006)

Allie ( says:
Will someone help me learn the hustle, please?? Just write to my email address, IT'S URGENT! (05-26-2006)

Rebecca ( says:
We learned the hustle the other day for my 5th grade party!!! (05-20-2006)

good_times ( says:
I wanna know how to do the hustle. I've asked my mom and my uncle but they won't teach me. All i get is "yeah sure later" but they never do. If u know the steps or how 2 get them please email me. Thanx..peeaaace (05-20-2006)

Jackie ( says:
I really need to learn how to do the Hustle for my sister's wedding. If anyone has DETAILED instructions, it would be much appreciated! Thanks! (05-13-2006)

ace ( says:
need help doing the hustle I need the steps to some of the more advanced moves cause I can only do basic ones. I don't wanna lok dumb at a sweet 16 im going to in a week :P (05-11-2006)

Emily ( says:
thanx for the dance steps... my friend Julie and I are partners and we have to do a presentation on the 1970's and we are teaching the class how to do the hustle. (04-27-2006)

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