Do The Hustle

Learn the latest dance craze with New York Hustle Inc.!

Want to do the Hustle? If you were lucky enough to live in New York or LA during the 70's, you might have had the opportunity to learn from a professional instructor and even visit a real discotheque. For the rest of the country, however, vinyl was the answer. Records like this (and there were dozens of them) brought the Hustle to dime stores and supermarkets everywhere.

I love this two-disc record from "New York Hustle Incorporated" because it's got everything you need: generic disco music, rambling dance instructions delivered by a pair of guys with almost comic New York accents, and plenty of photographs of happy couples in ridiculous 70's garb demonstrating the steps.

Can you really learn a dance from a record like this? I tried it a number of times, and could never get more than two or three minutes into the first track without everyone cracking up. Still, I can just see a teenager in Des Moines studying this record religiously in an attempt to become the next John Travolta. It probably worked, too.

Do The Hustle
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American Hustle (Real Audio) Is this how Travolta started?

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Amy Brownie ( says:
hi i dont understand why you dont have a web site for the new york hustle! please get one now because i have to have it for my dance class!!!!!! (09-22-2004)

Kella W. ( says:
The seniors at our 100-unit complex are going to love doing The Hustle in addition to the other line-dances we're putting into our program.

Thank you.

Is there any way you can delete the inappropriate comments posted on this site. It really detracts from the well-intended information you have posted for the benefit of others. I'm sorry you have to put up with that! (08-25-2004)

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Peanut Head says:
Geez Joe...I hope ya don stay up all night wonderin' bout dis kinda shit...

I tink you NEED TA GET A BROAD an get worry bout stuff like dis PISCO...dat is a FAD and gone....someday dis rap an hiphop shit gonna be a FAD too...DEN dey gonna be samplin' da JAMMY OSMINDT cDs and dat will be COOL!!

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Joseph Gallant says:
During the second half of the 1970's, disco was all the rage.

By the early 1980's, disco was considered old-hat.

I wonder how many copies of this album were destroyed at Steve Dahl's infamous Disco Demolition Night at a Chicago White Sox baseball game in 1979. (07-09-2004)

masturbator says says:
i love the hustle every time i hear the music i can't help but get up and DANCE (05-30-2004)

sexy bummm says:
i love the hustle actually better say this i love disco wish it was still the 70s man
good for this site to have us remind about those good ol' times (05-03-2004)

bbitch ( says:
this sucks get off the internet. (04-30-2004)

O.o says:
My... um, goodness....

If the only way some of you can get sexual gratification is by doing a disco dance, I fear your sex lives are only going downhill from here.

Now, on the actualy subject: um.... parhaps explaining the steps would help? (04-21-2004)

MAN THIS SITE IS AWEFUL!!!!!!!!!! (04-20-2004)

Peanut Head ( says:
Dis guy looks like Ron Jeremy...da chick look like Freda fukkin' Payne....

Coupla groovy kids shoulda better been doin' da horizontal mambo whilst playin' da Jimmy Osmind records....he da fukkin' bomb, babies...

I remmember one times when I had da Jimmy Osmend on....he was in da middle of a nasty geetar solo when my big dik-end started smokin and rumblin' and.....uh-oh...gotta Mommy is calling me...bye.... (04-20-2004)

mr peter says:
thank you. you've made my week. (04-07-2004)

Kitty says:
You guys are nasty!!!! (04-06-2004)

fuckin hot ass says:
oh ya i love the hustle, it makes me so wet (04-02-2004)

Hustler says:
If the Hustle is on an internet site, it's as good as dead. (04-01-2004)

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