Do The Hustle

Learn the latest dance craze with New York Hustle Inc.!

Want to do the Hustle? If you were lucky enough to live in New York or LA during the 70's, you might have had the opportunity to learn from a professional instructor and even visit a real discotheque. For the rest of the country, however, vinyl was the answer. Records like this (and there were dozens of them) brought the Hustle to dime stores and supermarkets everywhere.

I love this two-disc record from "New York Hustle Incorporated" because it's got everything you need: generic disco music, rambling dance instructions delivered by a pair of guys with almost comic New York accents, and plenty of photographs of happy couples in ridiculous 70's garb demonstrating the steps.

Can you really learn a dance from a record like this? I tried it a number of times, and could never get more than two or three minutes into the first track without everyone cracking up. Still, I can just see a teenager in Des Moines studying this record religiously in an attempt to become the next John Travolta. It probably worked, too.

Do The Hustle
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American Hustle (Real Audio) Is this how Travolta started?

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Your Comments:

HustleR says:
hustler is the best! (11-21-2003)

Ryan says:
Hey! I've got the disco version of this! (10-31-2003)

stephen hawking says:
i cant do it (10-18-2003)

masky ( says:
Fantastic! What a Find! I've only recently started wasting my time "'surfin' the net", and I couldn't have guessed how rewarding it would be and so soon!Do the Goddamn Hustle! YEA! (10-15-2003)

I AM GOING OUT WITH A UGLY SLUT WHO IS A PROZZA YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (09-05-2003)

we love the hustle we shag each other to the DO THE HUSTLE BITCH!!!!!!!! (09-05-2003)

Mick ( says:
wanting to learn the hustle. Any girls in LA area want to learn with me? (08-29-2003)

Lonely Wolf ( says:
Hi! We dance the Hustle in Russia too!!! (08-13-2003)

now who called us niggas.....try and say it to our faces next time.....and we do dance better than MOST white guys were doin waltzes till u enslaved and saw how vigourous and enchanting our dance was/ is/ and alwayz will be.... bet u cant even dance.... (08-11-2003)

carin ( says:
my friend and i are heading down to a discotech in october and would love to be able to hustle when we get there. if anyone knows how to send the hustle my way(preferably not the line one) please let me know. thanks and boogey on to all!!! (08-06-2003)

Evelyn Rowan ( says:
I'm looking for the record with the "Do the Hustle" music where you follow the instructions given by the singer. Does anyone know the title of the song?? I'd also like the steps for the line dance played to the hustle music.


martin law says:
please teach me the hustle (07-24-2003)

Julie ( says:
SEATTLE!!! Are there any leads in Seattle looking for a partner? (07-22-2003)

Wally says:
This is what happens when you let white people do dance music. (07-14-2003)

Jake Numnutz says:
Disco is pure audio feces. That's all. I figured all you assholes would have figured this out by now. (07-14-2003)

Larry ( says:
I was addicted to the hustle from 1978 thru 1986. Woulcd go to Alexis Dance studio on Monday nights. Anyone in westchester or the bronx who knows how to follow? I would love to do it again. (07-12-2003)

BRITTANY (cheerleaderbrit1316@yahoo.c) says:
will someone please send me the steps to the hustle...i would love to learn it. thank you

brittany (07-08-2003)

Kevin Massey says:
I love the hustle, now only if i could get the men on BF to do it while Cheney was crushing me. (07-07-2003)

Lisa Messina ( says:
i need to know how to the hustle correctly for my sisters wedding there is some sort of confusion on some of the steps thanks (07-05-2003)

Dean says:
I remember from about 1974 to 1978 there were also a lot of paperback books that illustrated different hustle-derived dance steps. I wonder if this album originally had a booklet inside with illustrations of the steps. And, yeah, I was another one of the millions who were taught the Hustle in school gym class, but only the line-dance version. (05-14-2003)

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