Do The Hustle

Learn the latest dance craze with New York Hustle Inc.!

Want to do the Hustle? If you were lucky enough to live in New York or LA during the 70's, you might have had the opportunity to learn from a professional instructor and even visit a real discotheque. For the rest of the country, however, vinyl was the answer. Records like this (and there were dozens of them) brought the Hustle to dime stores and supermarkets everywhere.

I love this two-disc record from "New York Hustle Incorporated" because it's got everything you need: generic disco music, rambling dance instructions delivered by a pair of guys with almost comic New York accents, and plenty of photographs of happy couples in ridiculous 70's garb demonstrating the steps.

Can you really learn a dance from a record like this? I tried it a number of times, and could never get more than two or three minutes into the first track without everyone cracking up. Still, I can just see a teenager in Des Moines studying this record religiously in an attempt to become the next John Travolta. It probably worked, too.

Do The Hustle
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American Hustle (Real Audio) Is this how Travolta started?

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Your Comments:

Wondering student ( says:
if any of you could e-mail me the steps to the hustle that would be great b/c i am wanting to show the hustle to a class i am giving a presentation in. The presentation is over 70's disco and funk. (05-06-2003)

Kerry "Diva" Warren ( says:
Hi my names Kerry but my friends call me Diva.
I love the hussle so much that i have kind of decicated my life to learning the routine.
Its funny sometimes i find myself "Doing the Hussle" and the most inappropriate times! once on the bus!
Take care


Craig Douglas ( says:
I love the hustle! Does anyone out there love the hustle as much as I do?

I'm looking for a fellow hustler!

Email me! (05-02-2003)

Roderick ( says:

What video I should buy to learn the hustle?

Where Can I learn it?
Thank you for your support and help

Roderick..... (04-15-2003)

mari ( says:, how do you do the hustle! (04-10-2003)

david ( says:
where do i get this ??????????? (03-16-2003)

david ( says:
where do i get this ??????????? (03-16-2003)

Wee Wifwee says:
We had to do this in gym class in 1978 that's why I changed my name. (03-05-2003)

jeffrey seidman ( says:
The hustle is not a real dance.I rate it under a 7
on a scale of one to ten. (02-10-2003)

kitkatt says:
disco lives did that date me or what..i know the hustle still..scary I am a child of the disco era..older but hopefully wiser..thanks for the nostalgia:)) great site..keep up the good work.. (12-17-2002)

Rufus says:
Forgive doogie, he's just pissed he can't get work after being fired from the hospital after being caught with Boner out after curfew. Poor doogie, you might get a life one day. As for the record I got lost after right, left, right. (11-01-2002)

Beyoncée says:
I love the hustle; it's gorgeous!!!don't let it die.
Hustle forever and attached terrysz,
Beyoncée, no fate's child (10-30-2002)

HaTcH says:
Dont be a jerk "doogie". really, when people try to sound important, it comes out all wrong. (10-06-2002)

doogie ( says:
Dude, no one wants to see your "experimental jazz band", okay? WE obviously have our hands full with bad music already through this website. Or maybe you felt you would have a remote chance at a willing audience here of all places? If I say yes, then what, you and four other lonely guys show up on my doorstop with your shit in trash bags? Good luck, and five million bazillion other fools.... (09-24-2002)

nicole ( says:
that is neat but can you send me instructions i need them for a video im shooting!!
thanx (05-21-2002)

Scott Walker ( says:
If anybody wants to see my experimental jazz band Judgement Fish, please let me know!! (04-23-2002)

Danny Brien says:
Top quality entertainment. I must say that this rates up there with the best. I've nearly got the dance down to a fine art. I must say that it's easier when I'm not wearing my velvet smoking jacket. Dunlop green flash trainers are a must for those trickier taps. (03-13-2002)

Sally Ryan ( says:
I LOVE this cover art. If anybody has a copy to sell, let me know (even if the vinyl is in poor condition...I'm most interested in the cover). (10-30-2001)

John Revolta says:
Denny Terrio Lives! (10-15-2001)

Joseph Gallant ( says:
K-Tel also had an "instructional" disco record around this time called "Let's Disco!"

Side 1 of that record was instructional material, side 2 had four disco songs (from the T-K label) which would could play to practice the moves you learned on side 1. (10-01-2001)

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