Nashville Country Singers

Country singers butchering the Hits of '69.

I've heard some good singers occasionally screw up a word or two in a cover song, but "Hits of '69" by the Nashville Country Singers takes the cake. Apparently, nobody bothered to give these folks copies of the lyrics to the songs they were expected to sing. Combine that with flat music and off-key vocals and you have what was certainly one of the most exciting new albums of the year.

Check out how the Country Singers butcher two of my favorite songs. On "Aquarius", the moon is no longer in the seventh house, but the serpent's house. Then the phrase "no more falsehoods or derisions" somehow becomes -- get this -- "thunderbolts of long duration". Whoa! But that's nothing compared to what they do to "Proud Mary". Incredibly, they don't even sing the phrase "Proud Mary" once throughout the entire song. Among other flubs, these guys "seen a lotta plays in Memphis" and "Humped a lotta grain in New Orleans". I don't know what they were taking in Nashville back in 1969 but I sure want some for my next party.

Nashville Country Singers
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Aquarius (Real Audio) Harmony and understanding... except for understanding of the lyrics to this song.
Proud Mary (Real Audio) Trust me, this is nothing to be proud of.

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Peanut Head says:
Lissen "princess" Lisa....better ya shud be listenin' ta JAMMY OSMUNDTZ CDs....he ISS DA BOMB, Lisa!!

Don waste yer time lissen ta dis shit, da only gud ting bout dis LP is da fox onna cover!!!

So why doncha get some smokes, liqour an put da JAMMY on da boombox...turn out da lights cept da lava lamp an YOU GONNA GROOVE hot damn, LISA....

Never mind wid all DIS krapola, cuz...oops, what Mommy?....(I haveta go now...bye).... (07-09-2004)

Lisa ( says:
I just love your music I have listened to it every
since I was little It is jsut the best music every and I love all of the country mosic singers

Love lisa (07-08-2004)

Shirley Rogers says:
I think, I mean I don't think I know that Dolly Parton is the greatest female country singer of all time my favorite male country singers are Randy Travis and Alan Jackson but I love all country music except for the rockcountry thats just not country music. Thank you (07-07-2004)

raheel (raheel_ameen2003) says:
old sonings websaid giv me (07-07-2004)

kayla Hardwick ( ) says:
Hey u all Brad paisley's violin player is hott! Direks Bentley is a babe i love his hair and kenny chensey smile! Clay Walker is just charming! I like him new song cant sleep. U country singers keep it up! Your greates fan kayla (07-06-2004)

brittany smith ( says:
I was just at the F.O.B in Ohio and Dierks Bently was there the stage was steaming cause he was on it. I think he and his band did really good! and I'm now a a big fan (07-02-2004)

brenda ( says:
could you tell me the original singer of prop me up (07-01-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Brayden iss a kissarse...send me email!!!! I tink ya need ta get a broad and mebbe get nekkid wid sum JAMMY OSUMDT CDs, cuz you sound like you playin' wid yer pekker too much.

I'm shure deze guyz don haf time ta send ya eepail, but keep waiting till ya die at yer compooter.

Hey, why doncha cum ta my house? Liqour, smokes, JAMMY OSMENTD on da is my address:

Mr. P. Nut Head
302 Braydengonnawaittillhediestogetemailfromdeseguyz Road
Loser, Arkansaw

Bye.... (06-23-2004)

Brayden Boustead ( says:
Hey yall I just want to thank Chris Cagel and kieth Urban and Rascal Flatts and all of you other Country singers for making your songs And you guy are all the best If you ever have time Give me an e-mail and make sure please that it has your e-mail addresses if got one !!!! Please
your biggest fan! (06-23-2004)

A Make A Wish country fan ( says:
Y'all I met Kenny Chesney in February of last year and was wondering if anyone had his email cause I haven't been in touch with the man since and he said he would, especially cause I got something real dang important to discuss with him lol (06-20-2004)

chris says:
All of these new country singers suck they cant even sing there like pop singers and the way they dress shit (06-13-2004)

chris says:
All of these new country singers suck they cant even sing there like pop singers and the way they dress shit (06-13-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
Yeah, halie...usually lying in a semi-prone position with your panties down around your ankles will get ya an autographed picture (and usually a bit more). (06-12-2004)

halie says:
Im doing my new room in country music artists so if any one knows how to get an autographed picture please let me know!
thanks a bunch!! (06-06-2004)

Jessica ( says:
i love all of your songs and i am going to see you june 2 2004 (06-01-2004)

bernard law says:
High my name is bernard law .I will be going out to nashville to persue a carreer in country music . If you would like to visit my website it is or you can visit were there are other up and coming country singers . My new single is angel which I rote for my mother who passed away when I was seven (06-01-2004)

Lana ( says:
I would love to know kenny chesney's email address...does anyone know it...I would appreciate it...he looks just like my brother in law...and I want to send him a pic to show him (05-29-2004)

Frank ( says:
I wish someone would come up with just a list of ALL country singers. No matter where I search on the internet there is nothing like it so far. (05-29-2004)

Desiree says:
This is a real cool website (05-24-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Yeah, Megan...all Nashville singers sukseed cuz dey from Nashville cuz it such a BIG shore is astoot dere...

An "good luck to all the singers out there"..yeah, as long as dey from KNASHVILLE, right??

Whatcha smokin' dere MEEGAN?? I WANT SOME nOW!!!...mus be gud stuff Meeghane....

Go out NOW an buy jimmy OSMUDNT...he DA BOMB, MEegan...he NOT from NASHVILL, so howcum HE sukseed, huh??

Yer theory is gud only fer lining da Mommy wants me...bye.. (05-20-2004)

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